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Susan Mallery

Susan Mallery
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Books by Susan Mallery


Chasing Perfect (2010)

I was trying to hit 4.5 stars but could not get the rating system to work exactly as I would have desired. Not as low as 4 stars but the story line was just a bit too predictable to be 5. Still, an enjoyable read. Though seriously? A town with no men in it? How insane is that? Who even thought of...

Chasing Perfect (2010) by Susan Mallery

Only Yours (2011)

This is the 5th book in Ms. Mallery's Fools Gold series. These are contemporary romance novels set in the fictional town of Fools Gold near San Francisco California. The first 3 books were almost a mini cycle within the overall series. This book is the 2nd of another mini cycle, this time about a...

Only Yours (2011) by Susan Mallery

Only Mine (2011)

Only Mine #4 : Susan Mallery.Finished on: September 28th. 2014.Rate: 5/5 This is the first book that I have read by Susan Mallery and I absolutely loved it. I have never read much romance, but as time goes on, I find myself turning more and more into a sap, haha. I love how with her books, you...

Only Mine (2011) by Susan Mallery

Finding Perfect (2010)

Fool's Gold #3Crystal left Pia her three frozen embryos. Pia thought she was getting Jake the cat. Pia is stunned. She doesn't know what to think. It spills over into her meeting with a new to town business owner Raoul Moreno. He is so kind to her. After a couple of meetings where they seem to t...

Finding Perfect (2010) by Susan Mallery

Only His (2011)

Where to begin with this review...hmmm. First off, any story following Simon and Montana would be hard to impress me. It's a very tough act to follow. I did like this story, however a few things irked me. The whole Cat wanting Nevada was way off base and frankly a little weird. I felt it was too ...

Only His (2011) by Susan Mallery

Just One Kiss (2013)

So I didn't realize this was book 10 in a series. Still liked the story, and yep, I'm curious about a few of the other characters Patience knows in Fool's Gold.I actually read this one, and picked up the next to read as well. I do like a strong male character, and tend to find it entertaining whe...

Just One Kiss (2013) by Susan Mallery

A Fool's Gold Christmas (2012)

This is a shorter novella set in the Fool's Gold California world created by Ms. Mallery.I have to say it didn't really feel like a novella. I felt like I really did get to know the characters and their story. This book is about Dante and Evie. We find out what drove a wedge between Evie and the ...

A Fool's Gold Christmas (2012) by Susan Mallery

All Summer Long (2012)

very good story and kept my interest Loved this story. Made me cry and made me laugh. Hot hot scenes. Recommend reading!

All Summer Long (2012) by Susan Mallery

La caricia de un beso (2014)

Life in a small town is never dull. Justice Garrett is back in Fool's Gold and little Patience McGraw is no all grown up.Patience's first crush was Justice. Her teenage crush had disappeared before she could tell him what she felt, but now he's back and she is not sure she can trust him enough to...

La caricia de un beso (2014) by Susan Mallery

Frisch verheiratet (2008)

Acho que este livro é, sobretudo, um exemplo de que as pessoas eram levadas pelas emoções fortes e que é preciso reconhecer esses erros e corrigi-los. Jesse é um bom exemplo de quem errou tanto, mas quando ficou grávida alterou toda a sua vida e a si própria para se dedicar ao filho. Mais tarde v...

Frisch verheiratet (2008) by Susan Mallery

Already Home (2011)

This is the second Mallery I've read, and I really like her writing. Her stories are more than just your generic chick lit; they're about women. Yes, there are men present, but they're not an alternate point of view. Mallery writes about women and their every day struggles. Sometimes the women fi...

Already Home (2011) by Susan Mallery

Christmas on 4th Street (2013)

What a very touching, heartwarming Christmas read. Fool’s Gold is a place of wonder with a mayor who knows what everyone needs even if they do not themselves. It is a place of magic, love, wonderful people and wonderful places that bring you smiles from each new book.Noelle, the owner of The Chri...

Christmas on 4th Street (2013) by Susan Mallery

Jennissimo (2012)

Already Home - what a read! Jenna looks for a new lease on life after divorce; running her own cooking store in her home town. Learning business from a street smart store manager, her parents helpful and the an unusual occurrence happens. Her birth family appears and she has the surprise of hippy...

Jennissimo (2012) by Susan Mallery

Eindelijk thuis (2012)

I got this from NetGalley, and as I've expressed before, one thing I like about NetGalley is the total lack of pressure to review books, and therefore, a total lack of pressure to stick with books I'm not really enjoying. When I started Already Home I didn't care for the writing style, and after...

Eindelijk thuis (2012) by Susan Mallery

Until We Touch (2014)

I loved the concept of this book - best friends not knowing they were in love until it was pointed out - and I think Mallery did a good job with it at first, but I didnt think she followed through well. There was a point in the book where everything shifted extreemly and it messed up the flow. ...

Until We Touch (2014) by Susan Mallery

Evening Stars (2014)

This is the third in the Blackberry Island series. It could be read as a stand alone, but it does have a few ties to the previous two books. This book focuses on Nina and her family. Her sister Averil shows up and they have issues. Then their mom and her lesbian lover return from an antique buyin...

Evening Stars (2014) by Susan Mallery

Before We Kiss (2014)

Dellina Hopkins was raised in Fool's Gold until her parents died, & when she graduated HS, she got custody of her 2 younger sister & with Fool's Gold's help, raised them. Now both are in love & it's time for Dellina to unleash her inner BAD GIRL. Sam Ridge is cursed with bad luck with woman, for ...

Before We Kiss (2014) by Susan Mallery

Only Us (2011)

Very good novella, gets to the point better than some 300-page novels. However, since it was very good - I wanted more. Since this is a spinoff from the Fools Gold series, which I have not yet read, hopefully, there is a continuation of these characters in the series somewhere. I loved how bel...

Only Us (2011) by Susan Mallery

Wer hat Angst vorm starken Mann? (2000)

Another great book in the Fool's Gold series.This is book three and I would recommend starting with book one to get a better sense of who the characters are and the different relationships between them. I have to say that I am not a huge romance book fan, my tastes run more toward urban fantasy....

Wer hat Angst vorm starken Mann? (2000) by Susan Mallery

Un cadeau très inattendu (2012)

IF YOU HAVENT READ A SUSAN MALLERY BOOK, THIS IS THE SERIES TO START WITH.TRUTH!I KNEW this book would get to me! GAWD, it was good!I REALLY love Pia! Have from the beginning. I may have cried happy tears more than I laughed thru this one. Ive had a lot of fun reading this series so far. I like t...

Un cadeau très inattendu (2012) by Susan Mallery

Nur die Küsse zählen (2013)

4 StarsIf I'm allowed I would give this 4.5 stars. It was a pretty great book, except....I had trouble with Finn. I didn't get a good description of what Finn looked like so I had trouble picturing him in my mind. I loved how he stood up as a young adult and took care of his brothers, that was am...

Nur die Küsse zählen (2013) by Susan Mallery

Almost Summer: A Fool's Gold Novella (2012)

I love this series. It is a novella about Alistair, Simon's friend, from Only Yours. He is a British doctor that does the same kind of surgeries of poor and 3rd world patients needing burn or reconstructive surgery. He comes to the United States, but has been exposed to and comes down with mea...

Almost Summer: A Fool's Gold Novella (2012) by Susan Mallery

Stadt, Mann, Kuss (2012)

I've read up to book 11 in this serie. While taken individually the books are quite fun, the whole serie is repetitive.The author has a tendency to always use the same basic plot, with minor characters differences. I'm disapointed.This first book was fun to read, and left me good memories, but th...

Stadt, Mann, Kuss (2012) by Susan Mallery

Sur un petit nuage ! (2013)

Montana and Simon are a good couple. I wasn't sure at first that he'd come around (but of course he would) and let loose some. He took himself way too seriously. It's amazing how the town factors in to all the blooming relationships, in Fool's Gold. All the little by-line friends, and relationshi...

Sur un petit nuage ! (2013) by Susan Mallery

Sister of the Bride (2010)

Katie's sister is marrying Katie's ex-boyfriend and Katie desperately needs a date for the wedding. Katie's mother sets up a date with her best friend's nerdy son, Howie. But it turns out Howie is no longer a nerd. He now goes by his middle name, Jackson, and he is every woman's dream. Katie and ...

Sister of the Bride (2010) by Susan Mallery

Lip Service (2009)

I really liked the first one but this not at all Helt okej läsning, men irriterade mig lite på karaktärerna.

Lip Service (2009) by Susan Mallery

Christmas Bride (2014)

Loved the first story about the pet groomer and the vet - was really disappointed when it finished so quickly. I have read other grace reviews and understand that there are more books about the town of Fool's Gold. I intend to read more stories about the town.The novel about the sheik I enjoyed a...

Christmas Bride (2014) by Susan Mallery

Liebe gut, alles Gut (2000)

Ok so I thought this book was tied in with the fools gold books by this author well it's not really. The first 77 pages are quick Catch up the happiness in fools gold. Then the rest of the book is about a prince who seems to avoid trying to find his princess till one day four girls are dropped in...

Liebe gut, alles Gut (2000) by Susan Mallery

Completely Smitten: Completely Smitten\Hers for the Weekend (2003)

Enjoyable reads. I loved the Haley-character. Fun, light summer reading. I was looking for "clean romance" and I ALMOST got it in this book. Same for Tanya Michaels book - ALMOST clean romance. It just seems they can't stop themselves from getting into tooooooooooo manyyyyyyyyyy detailssssss...

Completely Smitten: Completely Smitten\Hers for the Weekend (2003) by Susan Mallery

Sunset Bay (2009)

This book is the first book I’ve read by Susan Mallery. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It contains all the elements I enjoy in a novel; romance, drama, mystery and action! I couldn’t put the book down. From the beginning, Susan caught my attention and kept me engaged through the entire book. S...

Sunset Bay (2009) by Susan Mallery

Straight from the Hip (2009)

Titan Kızları'nın 3. kitabı keyifle bitti. 3 kız kardeşin hikayesi içinde en keyiflisi ve bence anlamlısı bu kitaptı. İzzy petrol kuyusunda gerçekleşen bir patlamadan dolayı görme yetisinin %70'ini kaybetmiş durumda ve delidolu kız iken şimdi odaya kapanmış durumdadır. Olaydan bir ay sonra ablala...

Straight from the Hip (2009) by Susan Mallery

Yours for Christmas (2014)

Yours for Christmas by: Susan MalleryI am an avid reader of Susan Mallery. Love her books. She always manages to write that a reader can enjoy and identify with the characters in. This one was no exception. Kenny and Bailey both have preconceived opinions about each other. Neither believes ...

Yours for Christmas (2014) by Susan Mallery

Halfway There (2013)

Fayrene Hopkins may be only twenty-four years old, but she runs her own business and has big plans—plans that don't involve falling in love yet. She's determined to make her mark on the world before settling down.She thinks she's got life all figured out—until she meets Ryan Patterson on her late...

Halfway There (2013) by Susan Mallery

Mit Küssen und Nebenwirkungen (2000)

Alistair made an impression on me in Only Yours so even though it had been some time since, I remembered him immediately when I started reading.Like Simon, Alistair has been carrying some baggage as he goes through life and after hearing from Simon about his new life in Fool's Gold, he decided to...

Mit Küssen und Nebenwirkungen (2000) by Susan Mallery

Hot on Her Heels (2009)

bu seriye bayılıyorum...bitti ya hem üzgün hemde mutluyum...seriyi bitirebilmek gerçekten sevindirici iken diğer yandan titan kardeşler ile tekrar bir kitapta karşılaşamayacağım içinde üzgünüm...son kitapta seriye yakışır keyifli bir kitaptı...umarım yazarın yeni kitaplarına devam eder yayınevi.....

Hot on Her Heels (2009) by Susan Mallery

Reden ist Silber, Küssen ist Gold (2011)

Gw kasih 3, 5 bintang deh... lumayan si, CLBK (cinta lama belom kelar)Skye, anak ke dua dr Jed Tiran, pas umur 10 th die nemuin emaknya bunuh diri dengan catatan "skye, dia tidak mencintaiku" yups... emaknya bundir karena si Jed kaga bisa cinte ke die, makanya skye beranggapan kalau sampai Jed ka...

Reden ist Silber, Küssen ist Gold (2011) by Susan Mallery

Petali nel vento (2011)

Yıllar önce babasının baskısıyla sevdiği adam Mitch'ten ayrılarak başka biriyle evlenen Skye genç yaşta dul kalmıştır. Mitch, Skye onu terk ettiğinde Amerikan askeri ordusu SEAL'e katılmış ve patlamada tek bacağını kaybetmiştir. Mitch'in döndüğünü öğrenen Skye yeniden birleşmeyi iştemektedir anca...

Petali nel vento (2011) by Susan Mallery

Aşkın İki Yüzü (2013)

This is the second book in this series. I enjoyed the chemistry between Skye and Mitch more than Lexi and Cruz. Mitch left town shortly after Skye broke his heart, he is now back from war and battling some emotional damage as well as physical. I felt Mitch was a very angry character,it really ...

Aşkın İki Yüzü (2013) by Susan Mallery

Frisch geküsst, ist halb gewonnen (2000)

Isadora (Izzy) Titan suffered 70% blindness from an oil rig explosion leaving her feeling sorry for herself. Being blind changed her from the once fiery, quick-tempered, independent woman to a docile, dependent woman. Her sisters, Skye and Lexi turned to Nick Hollister and his survival training r...

Frisch geküsst, ist halb gewonnen (2000) by Susan Mallery

Hüznün Gölgesinde Aşk (2013)

Oh boy! I stinking LOVED this book! One of my new favorite Susan Mallery books. Heartaching and angsty though it may be, it was also beautiful. This is a story that fills you with hope and love. It's about healing and growth. It is just lovely.Izzy was injured in an oil rig accident. Though she r...

Hüznün Gölgesinde Aşk (2013) by Susan Mallery

Halfway There (Mills & Boon Short Stories) (2013)

Fun novella. Fayrene has started her own business and has a five year plan for her life. She's one year into that plan and right on track. She meets Ryan while on her latest job as a temp. There's definitely an attraction between them but she doesn't want anything to derail her plans and he h...

Halfway There (Mills & Boon Short Stories) (2013) by Susan Mallery

Wer zuletzt küsst, küsst am längsten (2009)

I was expecting great things from this, the final book from this series, and it delivered! We had gotten to know Dana throughout the series as a close friend of the Titan sisters, a sheriff's deputy who is devoted to the sisters, has a good sense of humor, is honest and loyal in her job, and do...

Wer zuletzt küsst, küsst am längsten (2009) by Susan Mallery

La resa dei sensi (2009)

I was waiting for this book, because personally I truly enjoyed Dana's character throughout all of the books. I also couldn't wait for the changes to occur in Garth. From the very beginning you had to know that he would fall for the sisters, regret his decisions, and finally find what he wasn't l...

La resa dei sensi (2009) by Susan Mallery

Aşkın Peşinde (2009)

Such a sweet story. I love these kind of books. There's a thin line between love and hate and Susan Mallery is perfect in creating these stories. I loved both Garth and Dana. My favorite out of all the books in this series is probably Nick and Izzy's story, but this one came pretty close. Garth w...

Aşkın Peşinde (2009) by Susan Mallery

Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold Cookbook: A Love Story Told Through 150 Recipes (2013)

A romance between recipesSusan Mallery's "Fool's Gold Cookbook" is nicely put together. I wasn't sure how this work to combine a cookbook with a romance story. I have seen romance books with a few recipes at the end but this is a cookbook with a romance in between the chapters. I am more of a r...

Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold Cookbook: A Love Story Told Through 150 Recipes (2013) by Susan Mallery

Quinn's Woman / Home for the Holidays (2012)

The first story was good, but I expected more. At times, I was confused by the hundreds of characters, however, I didn't want it to end. The second book had some confusing word choices. I am not familiar with Australia and it's terminology. Language aside, I mostly enjoyed this book too. I didn't...

Quinn's Woman / Home for the Holidays (2012) by Susan Mallery

Part-Time Wife (1996)

To be clear, there was a lot I liked about this book, if it weren't for one storyline I would have given it 4 stars. I did not like the parts of the book that were about an overweight child, a 12 year old boy. In her capacity as nanny, the main character decided to put him on a diet. No physic...

Part-Time Wife (1996) by Susan Mallery

The Sheik's Arranged Marriage (Desert Rogues, #2) (2000)

Nope. Couldn't do it. This rating is based on reading 20% of the book. Maybe the first and second chapter. I tired. I seriously tried to continue with this series but I can't. Here we meet Heidi, who dreams of translating the slowly disintegrating ancient texts at the palace. Unfortunately for he...

The Sheik's Arranged Marriage (Desert Rogues, #2) (2000) by Susan Mallery

The Sheik's Kidnapped Bride (Desert Rogues, #1) (2000)

This is the story of Doormat Dora who married a static hero. I think what gets me is that this book was published in 2004 (according to Amazon), but given the stereotypical blahness of the male/female dynamics, I'd have thought it had been published in the 80s. I'd be able to give the author a bi...

The Sheik's Kidnapped Bride (Desert Rogues, #1) (2000) by Susan Mallery

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