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A Fool's Gold Christmas (2012)

A Fool's Gold Christmas (2012)

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About book A Fool's Gold Christmas (2012)

This is a shorter novella set in the Fool's Gold California world created by Ms. Mallery.I have to say it didn't really feel like a novella. I felt like I really did get to know the characters and their story. This book is about Dante and Evie. We find out what drove a wedge between Evie and the rest of her family. We also find out more about Dante and how he grew up.There is something about this series that I really enjoy. I am not a big romance book fan but this series really gets me. I like how much depth the characters have and the richness of the city that makes it almost another character in the story. I like being able to "check in" with characters from previous books and see how their families are growing and changing. I read these books as "palate cleansers" and they are the perfect light, engaging story with a happy ending that I need! “She no longer wanted to live her life on the outside—watching everyone else be a part of something larger than themselves.”—Evie’s thoughtsAll Evie wants to do is heal from the leg injury that pretty much ensures that she’ll never professionally dance again. Instead, she’s dragged back home by her estranged family who wants to make things up to her and left in charge of sixty dance students and their Christmas production that is a BIG DEAL to the town. At least she has her new friend and non-boyfriend Dante helping her out. And he has to stay non-boyfriend since he doesn’t do commitment, and she doesn’t trust her heart to anyone anymore. But with Christmas around the corner, miracles are possible…“Is this place even real?”—EvieThis is such a sweet and clean (low heat and immediate fade to black) romance, and I absolutely loved it! The connection between our two leads is obvious, and you can’t help but root for them as they do a slippery slide into relationship-land without really noticing it. Until it happens. And then hello panic!Evie is such an incredible sweetheart, and I absolutely loved her and couldn’t understand how anyone—especially her family—could not love her! She had to do a lot of growing on her own, and she faced so much disappointment and heartbreak that I wanted to give her a big giant hug! Despite the hits she keeps on getting in life, she’s still a good and generous person, willing to help others even at the cost of her sanity! While trying to keep one foot out the door, Evie is slowly becoming one of the town folk without even realizing it. For someone who learned she couldn’t count on anyone, having a town behind you back is more than a little welcome!Dante is also a fantastic and swoon-worthy hero for being the perfect non-boyfriend boyfriend! He’s such a great guy, even though he learned the dangers of love early on. I wouldn’t call him an alpha guy—more of a playboy with a heart of gold? And a lovestruck guy who doesn’t know what hits him when it comes to Evie.I liked the secondary characters, but they weren’t any that really shined for me. Many of the couples were from previous books in the series, so I bet that anyone familiar with the early books would love revisiting those old friends. I wasn’t a fan of her family as much as I probably would have been had I read the earlier books since I loved Evie and was upset when I realized that she had felt like an outsider growing up. While I could understand where her family was coming from, I didn’t like it since Evie was just an innocent child and didn’t deserve any of the blame and regret thrown her way.I loved the book and was so glad that after being left on the outside for her whole life, Evie could finally find a place that she belonged. I didn’t want to put the book down since I was so engrossed in her story as she managed dealing with her family, Dante, the Christmas production, and the town. This is a sweetly entertaining read that’s definitely going on my favorites shelf! This is a 5 out of 5 for me!(Originally posted on my blog; I received a NetGalley copy in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.)

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I really like that the women in this serious stick together and support one another.

Didnt love it but it was cute.(eBook).

Full review to come.

Evie and Dante


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