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Free books: Young Adult Fiction


Love Always, Damian (2015)

Review also posted on Let’s Say It’s A Blog.After Ms. King innocently ripped my heart out on Love Always, Kate, she finally stitched it back neatly on Love Always, Damian.There are times when I so hate myself for reading a few reviews before I read the book. This time is one of them. I made a hug...

Love Always, Damian (2015) by D. Nichole King

Then We Take Berlin (2013)

Full review originally at Fantasy Book CriticANALYSIS: I’ve never read John Lawton book before this one. He’s had a previous series, which featured a character set in the pre-WWII era. This book however featured a whole new character and is mostly set partly just after the WWII & then in the 1960...

Then We Take Berlin (2013) by John Lawton

Under the Egg (2014)

Let me ask you a question. You seem like an intelligent individual. Have you ever read From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler? And, if your answer is yes, did you love it? At the very least, do you remember it? I think it fair to say that for significant portions of the population t...

Under the Egg (2014) by Laura Marx Fitzgerald

Biohazard (2010)

It is every person’s worst nightmare—nuclear war—and it’s happened. Whole cities have been completely wiped off the map. Those that are left standing are quickly becoming graveyards. What’s left of the government has instituted martial law. Corpse wagons make regular pick-ups of the dead. Radiati...

Biohazard (2010) by Tim Curran

Welcome to Last Chance (2011)

This was a fun book to read. Right at the beginning it seems like both Jane and Clay are hot messes. Jane has come to Last Chance to make a new start to her life after some bad choices. Clay is the first person she meets and proceeds to perhaps continue those bad choices. Clay came back to his ho...

Welcome to Last Chance (2011) by Hope Ramsay

Burning For Her Kiss (2015)

Sweet N Sassy Book A Holics Rating: 4.2~~~~~~~~~~Dee's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~While the book is filled with images of BDSM play at the club and at home, the story is about Drew, a firefighter that longs to be a submissive to a woman willing to dominate him. He meets a beautiful woman at the club t...

Burning For Her Kiss (2015) by Sherri Hayes

Stop Dead (2012)

Di Geraldine Steele has recently moved to a new job with the Met Police in North London, which seems a world away from her previous career in Kent. She and her female DS, Sam Haley, start work on looking into the murder of a local businessman, but something doesn’t add up and soon there is a furt...

Stop Dead (2012) by Leigh Russell

The Graveyard Book (2008)

Once there was a little girl who lived in a big house in a strange and wonderful city in the North. Her name: Dove Black*. An unusual name for an unusual girl. Her equally unusual mother took her away for the summer, across the sea. I came to that strange and wonderful city and stayed in that big...

The Graveyard Book (2008) by Neil Gaiman

Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love (2014)

I am so glad I discovered Christi Caldwell last year and she is fast becoming one of my favourite authors with her charming, tender love stories. Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love is easily read as a standalone but I can definitely recommend the first three books in this series.Despite his roguish...

Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love (2014) by Christi Caldwell

Thought: A Very Short Introduction (2013)

Thinking is a quintessential human activity. Capacity to think is considered such a prominent human trait that the very name of our species – Homo sapiens – means “thinking man.” Thinking comes so naturally to us that most of us rarely reflect on the fact that it’s a very complex activity. In fac...

Thought: A Very Short Introduction (2013) by Tim Bayne