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Free books: Historical Fiction


Protecting His Brother's Bride (2015)

Kira Kincaid is having the worst kind of hell imaginable, her "darling" husband has disappeared , she's being framed for embezzlement and to top it all off her investigation into clearing her name has led her to being forced to team up with Dalton Matthews. He's all kind of off the charts hot and...

Protecting His Brother's Bride (2015) by Jan Schliesman

You Knew Me When (2013)

Read more reviews at What Danielle Did Next I adore books based on female friendships particularly when the characters are in their 20's and 30's as I have day to day experience of the connections and tensions that come with such bonds and the realisation that things really haven't changed much s...

You Knew Me When (2013) by Emily Liebert

Arranging Love (2008)

"Cheat Her With Charm" is the final installment of the Tilling Passion series and does not disappoint. Book 3 focuses on Meghan Tilling and her fiancé, Peter. When Peter's job takes him on frequent out-of-town business trips, Meghan, and her entire family, begin questioning his long absences. Sur...

Arranging Love (2008) by Nina Pierce

Have A Little Faith In Me (2015)

​​​​Have a Little Faith in Me is certainly not going to be for everyone. The role of religion and the bigotry that is all too often justified by it and how it has shaped these men's lives is prominent. And while I am angered by the bigotry we see, I am also heartened by watching the MC's overcome...

Have A Little Faith In Me (2015) by Brad Vance

The Binding: Bred by a Demon (2013)

Another story in my journey through the uber naughty yet sweet tales that are woven by the masterful Madelene Martin. I would just like the say that I was lucky enough to have Ms. Martin comment on my facebook page on one of her reviews and it was super exciting! I was also gifted books which is ...

The Binding: Bred by a Demon (2013) by Madelene Martin