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Arranging Love (2008)

Arranging Love (2008)

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About book Arranging Love (2008)

"Cheat Her With Charm" is the final installment of the Tilling Passion series and does not disappoint. Book 3 focuses on Meghan Tilling and her fiancé, Peter. When Peter's job takes him on frequent out-of-town business trips, Meghan, and her entire family, begin questioning his long absences. Sure that she's being cheated on, Meghan's sister, Deirdre makes her opinions quite known. Trying hard to resist the allowance of that seed to be planted and fester within, Meghan goes about business as usual.Peter, meanwhile, is being deceitful, and bringing potential validation to Deirdre's claim of unfaithfulness. He's been lurking around dominatrix websites and has found himself smack dab in the middle of a hotel party featuring the dominatrix he's been communicating with, Miss Crystal. Peter does find himself feeling pretty uncomfortable in his surroundings and gives up meeting Miss Crystal face to face. After returning home, terrible things start happening to Meghan, and Miss Crystal keeps making her presence in the their small-knit community know. In the process of finding what Peter thought was missing from his life, he brought danger to his family.During the tragedies facing Meghan, the Tilling patriarch suffers from several heart attacks that land him in the hospital. The cause behind these life-threatening medical issues will give you chills. The revelation will divulge a threat to the Tilling family. The gradual introduction of S&M in this novel is done very well. The main characters are divided on the issue at first but once it's presented, Meghan and Peter are able to progress to a level of complete trust. This allows their relationship, sexual and non-sexual, to open up to a whole new level.Make sure you read this book carefully - there's a twist coming that changes the entire game. Everything you think you know and have figured out at the beginning may, or may not, be correct. All three books in the series are fantastic and are highly recommended.(Review copy provided by author at no cost, in exchange for an honest review).

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