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Free books: History & Biography


Vulture Peak (2012)

”This system carries with it the unspoken implication that once someone has been defined as an ‘object,’ it is automatically assumed to be ‘promiscuous’ in the sense that it may be bought and sold like any other object, even if the object in question is somebody’s kidney or liver--or whole body. ...

Vulture Peak (2012) by John Burdett

Plague Zone (2009)

I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased opinion."Plague Zone" by uber-talented Jeff Carlson is a brilliant conclusion to the "Plague" trilogy. These three works of art will make a much more complete story if read in order. In a pinch any of them will work as a stand-alone....

Plague Zone (2009) by Jeff  Carlson

The Gazelle Who Caught a Lion (2012)

I really liked this book, and not just because Angel the gazelle and Clark the lion are great together. The fact that the series is now taking off to jump into the second generation and we get to see all the kids from the first books as adults and find out about their mates has something to do wi...

The Gazelle Who Caught a Lion (2012) by Scarlet Hyacinth

Fractured (2013)

This review is kindly brought to you by Wild Colonial Girl blog: the past couple of months, I’ve started a new series — where I review someone’s book, and they review mine — and we put them up at the same time. My idea was for it to be a kind of ‘two of u...

Fractured (2013) by Dawn Barker

Obsessed: America's Food Addiction - And My Own (2013)

A size two, tall, gorgeous blonde woman tells a 250 pound woman, “You have a problem.” How would YOU react? … Wait. What if I told you they were out on the water in a motor boat together?What if that skinny woman went on to say, “You’re not just overweight—you’re fat. You’re OBESE.”What if I told...

Obsessed: America's Food Addiction - And My Own (2013) by Diane Smith

The Bodyguards' Princess (2013)

I discovered Ann Mayburn through her latest novel released in October, The Breaker’s Concubine. I gobbled it up and loved Ann’s rich and unique worldbuilding and scorching hot writing, so when I started reading The Bodyguards’ Princess I was expecting the same sparks and magic.The Bodyguards’ Pri...

The Bodyguards' Princess (2013) by Ann Mayburn

A Fighting Chance (2014)

A Fighting Chance by Elizabeth Warren“A Fighting Chance” is an interesting personal story of the life of now Senator Elizabeth Warren. This book tells her public story of her admirable quest to give the working families a fighting chance. Former Harvard Law Professor, accomplished author and now ...

A Fighting Chance (2014) by Elizabeth Warren