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The Bodyguards' Princess (2013)

The Bodyguards' Princess (2013)

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I discovered Ann Mayburn through her latest novel released in October, The Breaker’s Concubine. I gobbled it up and loved Ann’s rich and unique worldbuilding and scorching hot writing, so when I started reading The Bodyguards’ Princess I was expecting the same sparks and magic.The Bodyguards’ Princess is the story of Lalita, the shy goth daughter of an Indian UN diplomat. Due to his position and importance in world politics to protect his daughter Lalita’s father employs two bodyguards to keep Lalita safe from all threats. Asher and Kent are both highly capable and droolworthy gorgeous male specimen, no wonder Lalita can’t help but dreamily stare at them when they are near her. Their virility and fine bodies inspire countless steamy fantasies for her.The Bodyguards’ Princess was very hot and erotic, the seduction and sensual scenes between the trio burning up the sheets."Surprise filled his eyes, quickly chased away by desire. Ever so slowly, he lowered his lips to hers, and she could have wept as he finally kissed her. Soft, sure, hungry, his kiss was everything she had imagined, everything she dreamed."What made me ambivalent about this story is a personal preference: Asher and Kent, besides being good friends are in love with each other. So it is not the two men being there to satisfy Lalita’s every need, but they are there for each other as well. And there are actual feelings and emotions involved in the mix not just sexual exploits. Even if I’m not a m/m virgin anymore, I’m quite inexperienced having only read about 2-3 such stories, and even when I’ve read ménages with two men, they are usually there to pleasure the female part of the trio, so I would have preferred seeing Lalita being the “main attraction”.The mystery plot at times was a bit forced and improbable, and I kept swaying between finding Lalita a spoiled brat:"Stiffening her shoulders, she yelled, “If you think I’m sleeping on the floor of this roach motel, you’re high. Who knows what kind of fucked-up disease I’ll get from the carpet.”Asher strode out of the bathroom and squatted in front of her, placing his hands on either side of her and said in a low voice, “I know you’re scared and pissed, but if you could stop being a bitch at the top of your lungs for one minute, I would appreciate it.”"or looking at her steel spine and independence with respect:"“You think I’m something to keep around to fuck and cuddle? A possession you can pass back and forth?”"Verdict: The Bodyguards’ Princess didn’t blow me away as The Breaker’s Concubine did, but it certainly was a nice, entertaining, whirlwind action packed, burning hot read!I give The Bodyguards’ Princess 3 stars!

What can I say? I loved the first half of this book. It was hot and sexy and then I had to make myself finish reading it. Once I got over the initial weirdness of the hypnosis plot, I was into the story. But then I honestly felt nauseous with the last part. The whole sub dom thing, whatever, but this was violent and gross and just uncomfortable. The mood was ruined and then add in the jealousy between the guys and meh. Also, Rashid and David were completely insane and there was way too much of them in the story. I honestly put the book down every time it was there POV.The first half, though...really well done.

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Ok I was majorily pissed when I was reading and think this book is ok but not great when out of the bluethere was m/m action! Ok maybe there were clues and I just missed it. Sometimes if done right and not on the page but suggested or talked about I am ok with but when they actually do things I just reach my ick factor. What's more this IS NOT ON THE DISCLAIMER!!!! With this being a major trend these days with erotica most ebook companies are really good about telling you if there is m/m action.Needless to say I didn't finish the book. What a waste of my money!!!

This book was great fun to read and I enjoyed the sexy bits as well. I liked Lalita, but was a bit more mixed about Kent and Asher, her bodyguards. (view spoiler)[I just didn't think they made a lot of sense getting so jealous over Lalita when they are supposed to love one another. Honestly the love between the two guys just wasn't convincing to me. (hide spoiler)]

Hypnosis & trigger words… interesting, very interesting. I've never put much stock in hypnosis but then again I've never attempted it either so... there is that.Likes:■tThe concept of a trigger word that when uttered arouses one to an almost painful state. Oh my… *fans self*■tThere's quite a bit of intrigue & extremist political ideology interwoven within a BDSM atmosphere that involves cross dressing & puppy play. All of which added excitement to the read.Dislikes:■tLalita's kind of a pill. Sometimes, not always but I can definitively say that she's not one of my favorite protagonists.■tThe guys (Kent & Asher) become possessive & competitive over her one minute then the next (view spoiler)[they're all 'let's get married!' WTF?!?! (hide spoiler)]
—Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion

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