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Free books: Romance


Rome: The Coming of the King (2011)

This is book Two in the fantastic historical fiction series Rome by M.C. Scott (aka Manda Scott). The first book in the series, Rome: The Emperor's Spy, went down as the best historical fiction I read in 2012 and I think this one may challenge for my favourite historical fiction of 2013. It certa...

Rome: The Coming of the King (2011) by M.C. Scott

Maverick (Maverick Academy Series) (2013)

I must say, this book was like a needle in a haystack, meaning this book isn't known quite yet and I am really glad that I came across it. The book starts off with the main character, Whit, at a normal high school. However White isn't exactly normal; she has dreams that come true. After saving he...

Maverick (Maverick Academy Series) (2013) by Tate Layman

Finally His (2011)

Reviewed By~AshleighReview Copy Provided By~PublisherBeing able to share everything with your twin only works until you want to keep something a secret from them, and then that connect can be a bitch. For Lucy Nelson she has always been the shyer of the Nelson twins, and because of that she allow...

Finally His (2011) by Emma Hillman

Follow Me Down (2013)

From Me Down by Tanya Byrne is a story about two wealthy teenage girls: Adamma and Scarlett who become best friends. That is until Adamma chooses love over their friendship and Scarlett goes missing…Adamma moves from New York to England after her father becomes the Nigeri...

Follow Me Down (2013) by Tanya Byrne

The Ware Tetralogy (2010)

Four books spanning nearly twenty years (Software (1982), Wetware (1988), Freeware (1997), and Realware (2000)) and encompassing a shifting view on technology, drug use, sex, and the direction of humanity. Over all - I ended up really enjoying the direction this series took - though that was not ...

The Ware Tetralogy (2010) by Rudy Rucker

The Tiger Warrior (2009)

Why do I do it? This is my third book by David Gibbons—and I like them less and less. I keep thinking: a real archaeologist writing an adventure novel, how perfect. If I were smart enough I would BE an archaeologist. I also want to be Dirk Pitt or Kurt Austin. So what’s the problem? He’s a good w...

The Tiger Warrior (2009) by David Gibbins