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Maverick (Maverick Academy Series) (2013)

Maverick (Maverick Academy Series) (2013)

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About book Maverick (Maverick Academy Series) (2013)

I must say, this book was like a needle in a haystack, meaning this book isn't known quite yet and I am really glad that I came across it. The book starts off with the main character, Whit, at a normal high school. However White isn't exactly normal; she has dreams that come true. After saving her friend Seth from getting hurt, she decides to tell her aunt about these dreams. Whit lives with her aunt because of a terrible accident that claimed both of her parents' lives. I won't ruin it, but in the middle of the semester, Whit transfers to a boarding school called Maverick that helps people with gifts like Whit. As the plot thickens, you can't help but become enticed and soon you are unable to put the book down. As Whit starts to become able to control these visions, she starts seeing things that worry not only her, but her teachers as well. Then there's Nolan. Nolan is the school player, and Whit believes she's just his next conquest. As Whit and Nolan interact more, you can't help but fall in love with him. He is funny, charismatic, and charming. Whit's friends are equally as enticing. However, the entire book I wanted to punch Darby in the face(if you read the book, you'll agree with me). I liked the book from the very beginning. The way Tate Layman writes this book is mesmerizing. I also enjoyed the way that Maverick is kind of like her own world. It differs from the typical supernatural school books, which is why I read the book in one night(literally). The one thing I wish was different, was that Seth made another appearance. I don't know why I became so attached to him during the beginning of the book, but I did. I can only hope that Tate Layman decides to bring him back in the second book somehow. Which by the way, is coming out winter 2014!!!! Can't wait! I hope my review helped anyone who is reading it. Anything said in this review is strictly opinionated and I am sorry if any of you don't agree with what is said here.

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