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The Binding: Bred By A Demon (2013)

The Binding: Bred by a Demon (2013)

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About book The Binding: Bred By A Demon (2013)

Another story in my journey through the uber naughty yet sweet tales that are woven by the masterful Madelene Martin. I would just like the say that I was lucky enough to have Ms. Martin comment on my facebook page on one of her reviews and it was super exciting! I was also gifted books which is MAGICAL for me and its like Christmas morning! So, The Binding. I have to say that I feel like Ms. Martin does light research on her books. Just enough to really set us into the fantasy/historial/alternate reality that she is bringing to life. I have to say she does a better job bringing to life this book than some authors do in 200+ pages, which is very impressive. Via my NOOK this story was 28 pages and it went by really fast. I have to say--secret little naughty fantasy a hunky demon using me as a womb. I know I know, I'm really naughty yeah yeah don't act like you ain't reading these too! The forced seduction and dub-con scene between Nthar and Leah was hot. She was an innocent witch that was being violated by big huge hunky demon for the sole purpose of breeding. Super hot right? Right! My only beef is that sometimes I feel like Ms. Martin finishes a story and sometimes I feel she just ends it to get to that 5k mark. Your self-publishing. Adding a 2k to your story just to lock it up and sate the reader is only going to work in your favor. Just give us more smexy and the reader will be even more titillated and excited about the story. I would have loved for a more locked up ending like Nthar shows up in her bedroom and sucks her into his hellish void--after all she is HIS delicious little witch hehehe....

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