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Burning For Her Kiss (2015)

Burning For Her Kiss (2015)

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sherri hayes

About book Burning For Her Kiss (2015)

Sweet N Sassy Book A Holics Rating: 4.2~~~~~~~~~~Dee's ★★★★★ Review~~~~~~~~~~While the book is filled with images of BDSM play at the club and at home, the story is about Drew, a firefighter that longs to be a submissive to a woman willing to dominate him. He meets a beautiful woman at the club that steals his heart away. The problem is three months previously she was betrayed by her former submissive and she swears to never allow a man into her heart again. Drew displays incredible patience in his campaign to win Beth's heart. The reality of the BDSM lifestyle, the truth of what life in a firehouse is like and the slow healing of a broken heart provide an entertaining and interesting reading experience. Loved these two characters and enjoyed how they helped each other to grow and embrace life. I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review. Five Stars.~~~~~~~~~~Kim's ★★★★✰ Review~~~~~~~~~~This is the first book I have ever read with a female Dom! I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not, but I actually really enjoyed it!We meet Drew a sub who is new to the whole seen and as soon as he sets sights on Lady Beth at the Serpents Kiss club, he knows he has to have her! The only problem is Beth has been burned before with her previous sub and has no intention of being put back in that terrible position again! Both want the same thing a real relationship not a fling.I found the story a little slow at first it took quite a while to actually get into, but once I did I thoroughly enjoyed it! The author really makes you feel like your a part of Beth and Drew's story and her character descriptions are wonderful!I'm looking forward to seeing whose story will be next!~~~~~~~~~~Sharlene's ★★★★✰ Review~~~~~~~~~~Although I'm not a huge fan of BDSM novels, I have say I really enjoyed this one. You can tell that the author has done her research and homework on the subject. Also, this one had a bit of a twist as it was a female domme instead of male. For those who are new to reading BDSM this would make an excellent introduction to the lifestyle.The characters are well developed. Although I found it a bit confusing that Beth was so confused and back and forth on whether she wanted a relationship with Drew. It is completely understandable that she feels this way after the way she was treated by her ex. However, it didn't fit with the domme persona in my head. Maybe I just don't know enough of the lifestyle and BDSM way of thinking. Either way, Beth and Drew are both very likable. Drew is very sweet and caring. Beth is very confused but thoughtful, smart and patient. The secondary characters are interesting as well. It would be nice to delve into some of their stories as well. Maybe Alexander and Grace? Nicole and Jeff? The storyline was good too. I did feel that it was a little drawn out and slow in parts. Also, I kept expecting something "big" to happen which never did. Other than that, the story was pretty realistic and easy to follow. This story is a standalone and does have an HEA.~~~~~~~~~~Sara's ★★★★✰ Review~~~~~~~~~~This is my first read where there is a Female Domme and male sub. I found it intriguing and I was drawn in from the beginning. I loved it. I loved watching the building of trust between Beth and Drew. Beth has been horribly hurt by her ex so bad she thought she was done with Men and didn’t want any relationship. Drew is used to being in Control all the time with her fellow firefighters. He just wants to submit and be able to let go of control and just be. He goes to Serpents Kiss and tries to see if this is what he really wants. Beth walks in After being pushed to go back by her friend. They are drawn together but with Beth being hurt she isn’t easy to convince. Drew doesn’t except a no and keeps at it letting her see that she can trust him. You watch the building of the trust and them coming together. This was a great story.~~~~~~~~~~Michelle's ★★★★✰ Review~~~~~~~~~~I have been waiting for “Burning for Her Kiss” ever since I finished “Serpent’s Kiss” and once again Hayes did not disappoint. It’s very rare to find a book about a Domme and I absolutely loved how Hayes captured the characters. We met Beth & Drew previously in Serpent’s Kiss and now we get their full story. Beth was burned by her sub Ben when his wife showed up at her house. She was devastated and betrayed by the one she thought she could trust. Drew is one hell of a HOT fireman and he is trying to figure himself out. It wants to submit, but is unsure how to start. I adore Drew and how he just went with the flow even though he wanted Beth all to himself. He is genuine, caring and will do whatever it takes to prove to Beth that he is nothing like her ex. Hayes does a fantastic job in capturing what they are feeling. The book flows nicely without feeling too rushed. She pays attention to detail which gives the illusion of being in the book with the characters. I loved the family feel when they are with their friends at the club. I truly enjoyed this book and hope there will be more from the members of Serpent’s Kiss… I am itching to get Katrina’s story! Job well done Ms. Hayes…

Independent reviewer for Archaeolibrarian I Dig Good Books.*I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for a fair and honest review.*This is a BDSM book and I wasn’t quite sure which way the author was going to take with this story. Some are mainly about sex. Some have a story line and sex. This book has an incredible story line with some sex. I was incredibly pleasantly surprised. The author did a great job writing the story and I was enlightened a bit.Who can’t love a sexy, sweet, caring fire fighter?! Let’s add a small restaurant owner who knows her way around a kitchen to make some yummy sounding food. Then let’s add a little kink into the story. Oh, I forgot to add that the baker, Beth, is the dom and the firefighter, Drew, is the sub. That’s got to lead to one hot story. If that’s what you’re thinking then you are absolutely positively correct!!! This story is enjoyable from the beginning to the end. It’s sad in parts when you are learning about Beth’s past and might make you want to yell at the book a bit for the man who broke her heart. Drew is a sweet, hot, sexy, loving young man. His character was written so perfect. I think the part that he wants to relinquish the control he has all day at work in the bedroom and have a female control him is quite interesting and is intriguing to say the least. Honestly, that part makes him even sexier.Descriptions! Oh the author is really great about using amazing description throughout the entire story. I think the way she has written the story and the way she describes each scene make it so easy to dive in and really enjoy the story. I really don’t think you could ask for any better detailing to the story on an understanding and visualization level.

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Gateway to BDSM readers, a new series is tailor made for you! Burning for Her Kiss is a good new series from talented Ms. Hayes. For those who are looking for more femdom books with loving and dominant females, pick this one up. Drew Parker is a responsible laden fire captain who can easily score with the ladies. After several years of serial dating with fire bunnies, he's tired of it. He wants a relationship with a woman he can share the rest of his life. One would think this would be easy for a great catch like Drew. There is just one little detail which makes the dating pool a bit smaller. Drew is a sexual submissive looking for a female dominant. Burned by his ex-girlfriend, Drew decides to search for a potential through a BDSM club, Serpent's Kiss.After a month, newbie Drew is trying to take in all the exciting sights and spies upon a woman who seems to be known at the club. Perhaps he's found the woman to dominant him. Beth Davenport is a domme with baggage. Her last relationship breaks her through a terrible betrayal by her male submissive. Still smarting from his duplicity, she's in no mood to take on another submissive let alone date again.Ms. Hayes pens a slow dance between these two characters. It's a sweet romance as Drew coaxes Beth to try out the dating pool again. Drew is an amicable guy who is easy to like and fall for because he's the nice guy. He saves lives and treats people with respect. Beth is a bit less engaging for me. Even though she is the older of the two, she comes across a bit younger in maturity. She's admirable with her own business but she's just not the type of person who interests me. Nor is she someone I'd bottom for because she lacks the command of a dominant. It's not that she isn't dominant or a wanna be dominant, it's just that her style doesn't match with mine and on a dominance scale, mine tops hers. Still, the dynamic between these two characters is heartwarming as Drew gently coaxes Beth into dating him.From a story pace perspective, the book is a bit slow. This is a gradual build up to where the two finally admit to dating and share a kiss. From there the speed does pick up which is nice. There are a couple of tangent pieces to the story which I'm not sure are necessary. Perhaps it is used to set up the next book. The threads involving: Ben, Beth's ex-boyfriend showing up, Drew's brother Seth and Drew's friend Shawn didn't add to the story. For me, if they are cut out, it makes the writing tighter. I could have done without each of them.The BDSM scenes in this story are decent. Beth's impact play as well as a bit of mind fuck with a knife is nice to read. It shows that Ms. Hayes is exploring more into the lifestyle to provide different scenes. The kinks are from light to medium in intensity. It's just right for those who enjoy the lighter side of BDSM yet want to spice it up a notch. For me personally, it was a bit tame and I couldn't really get into it. It's a personal preference. I did like the time set aside to discuss when one person has a hard limit whilst the other really enjoyed a kink. The way Ms. Hayes shows how to work through a negotiation is nice. This kinky book is recommended as a Gateway to BDSM as well as a good beginning Femdom book.*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review
—♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme

*Sent by author for an honest review*I must say the whole fem/dom thing is so not my thing. I really did try to get into this book I did, but I guess the whole man wanting to be dominated thing just makes him seem....less manly to me. Sorry. Drew had a lot going for him in the looks department, and lets not forget he is a sexy fireman! But then he starts thinking and talking and he just seemed way more feminine than Beth did. Overall Great writing and not a bad storyline but there were some things that were just left hanging so, I gave it a two and half rounded to three stars.
—Caro J Roberts

I was gifted a copy for an honest review.This is my first Sherri Hayes book and I completely relate to her writing style.I was drawn in and compelled to keep reading. The sex scenes were very well written and oh so hot. All of us ladies need a Drew. A manly hot fireman but yet sometimes submissive in the bedroom. Well I want one anyway. I loved Beth because she is a Domme but she is a realistic character as well. She is a hard working independent female, but insecure in ways and protective of herself. The dynamic of the two of them together was wonderful and I enjoyed the normal interactions between them and the normal progression of their relationship. Then you throw in the spicy BDSM and you have an amazing story.Burning for Her Kiss is a well written enjoyable read.Reviewed for JoAndIsaLoveBooks Blog
—Becky Cox

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