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Always A Rogue, Forever Her Love (2014)

Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love (2014)

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christi caldwell

About book Always A Rogue, Forever Her Love (2014)

I am so glad I discovered Christi Caldwell last year and she is fast becoming one of my favourite authors with her charming, tender love stories. Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love is easily read as a standalone but I can definitely recommend the first three books in this series.Despite his roguish reputation, it is obvious how much Jonathan loves his mother and four sisters regardless of the trials and tribulations they present. His mother bemoans the fact that he will not “do right by the Sinclair line and wed a proper English miss” but he has no intention of curtailing his life of pleasure by taking a wife. His three youngest sisters are “outrageously ill-behaved and highly improper” and their latest governess (the fifth) has resigned. His mother is at her wit’s end and gives Jonathan the task of finding a new governess.Juliet Marshville has been lame since she was thirteen when her leg was shattered in a fall. It was then that she discovered just how much her brother, Albert, hated her. He is a selfish wastrel who has denied Juliet a Season with the cruellest of words. “It would be an utter waste of funds to launch a faulty ship like you off into a sea made of diamonds of the first water.”Juliet is furious when she discovers that Albert has gambled away her beloved Rosecliff Cottage to the Earl of Sinclair. Not only that but he is pushing her to marry the loathsome Lord Williams…only he has something far less respectable in mind. She approaches the Earl of Sinclair determined to demand her cottage back. The earl agrees on condition she take up the position of governess to his sisters and shape them into “models of proper, English gentility.” As the cottage represents freedom from both her brother and the unwelcome advances of Lord Williams and a place to call her own, she accepts.Despite everything that life has thrown at her, I loved Juliet’s indomitable spirit and loathed her cruel, heartless brother with a vengeance. It’s a shock to discover the true level of his hatred for his sister.I enjoyed the battle of wills between Juliet and Jonathan’s sisters, Poppy, Penelope and Prudence. The three hoydens think to terrorize Juliet in the same way they did the other governesses, only to find she is made of sterner stuff. Fortunately, she’d learned how to handle her wicked brother and his childish outbursts through the years. In fact, she’d wager her three charges combined could not even come close to Albert’s nastiness.I enjoyed watching Juliet win over Poppy and Penelope with her kindness and patience.From the moment they meet, I could feel the strong attraction between Jonathan and Juliet and, whenever they are together, sexual tension simmers just beneath the surface. He lowered his brow to hers, his sapphire blue stare pierced her with its intensity. “Jonathan,” he demanded with all the authority of one accustomed to having his every desire met. “Say my name.”“Jonathan,” she whispered, loving the feel of his name upon her lips, so utterly masculine and yet all the same, smooth as warmed chocolate.He cupped her cheek. “Now tell me you still do not desire my kiss, Juliet?”Jonathan’s admiration for Juliet’s courage in the face of adversity humbles him in a way that makes him take a good look at his own life. He sees a “smug, self-serving bastard” who could never be worthy of a woman of honour and integrity like Juliet. He doesn’t see his own worth as Juliet does; a loyal and loving brother, a dedicated son, a fair employer and a man who made her feel protected and cherished.Of course the path of true love never runs smoothly and they have to overcome some stumbling blocks to attain their HEA, not least Jonathan’s misplaced honour. It takes some sage words from his little sister, Poppy, to make him see sense. Poppy sighed and flung herself into a nearby leather-winged back chair. “I don’t like Jonathan. I preferred Sin. Why, Sin who would simply go and take back his Miss Marshville because he loved her and couldn’t live without her and didn’t care…”Everyone who reads my reviews knows how much I love Epilogues and Ms Caldwell’s Epilogue is the delicious topping on an already scrumptious cake. I leave you with one final quote and its significance will become clear when you read the book. “Under the stars, she whispered.”MY VERDICT: Another captivating addition to this delightful series. Definitely recommended.REVIEW RATING: 5/5 StarsSENSUALITY RATING: WARMScandalous Seasons series (click on the covers for more details): This review is also posted on my Rakes and Rascals blog:

'Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love'...Jonathan Tidemore, 5th Earl of Sinclair, 'Sin' has two problems. 1. He must find a governess to turn the three youngest Tidemore girls, the three youngest of his sister's, into proper, young, English ladies. And 2. Wed a proper, genteel, English lady, to be his countess, and produce an heir and a spare. One night, outside his favorite, gambling, drinking, and carousing club, Hell and Sin Club he comes upon a woman, Juliet Marshville, a fiery, red head spitfire, who is determined to get back her family cottage that her brother lost to Sin, gambling. Drawn to Juliet, Jonathan makes her a proposition. Move in with his family, as his sister's new governess, and teach them to be proper English ladies, and he'll give her back her cottage....Oh, and become his mistress. Juliet agrees to the job as governess...but NO WAY, to being his mistress. Despite being drawn to him too.I loved 'Sin' and Juliet. Sin was a perfect nickname for him. There were times I wanted to strangle him. I loved what a wonderful,loving, doting big brother he was. I loved Juliet, She was perfect for him. I loved how great she was with the Tidemore girls. I loved her and Poppy's connection. I can see the beauty of rosewood cottage, Again I was bawling at the end when he showed up for her at the cottage

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I liked this book, but at this moment really can't write an in dept review. I don't even know if it's a 3 or 4 star read. Why? Because the only time i've come up for air between finishing the first book in this series is for writing a solid 4 star review since I was so glad to have found a new great author, and for ordering the next books in this series. Since then i've been binge reading them, one straight after the other. And yes, i've fallen in love. At least untill i'll manage a reread it's a 4 star.

April 1819 - LondonJonathan Tidemore, Fifth Earl of Sinclair, is now head of his family which consists of his widowed mother and four younger sisters: Patrina age 19, Prudence age 15, Penelope age 13, and Poppy age 12. While Patrina has had her come out, the 3 younger sisters are still in the schoolroom. Once again, his sisters have managed to run off their fifth governess so Jonathan’s mother is completely frustrated and insists that it is Jonathan's turn to find a new governess. In addition, his mother is once again pressuring him to get married and provide a suitable countess that will carry on the Sinclair line. As he had been jilted once, Jonathan is still hesitant to to make that step.Juliet Marshville, age 22 and her brother Albert, age 20 have recently lost their father making Albert the new Baronet. Instead of settling down to his duties, he has instead gambled away much of their inheritance. With debt collectors breathing down his neck, Albert is trying to push Juliet to wed the odious, Lord Williams. Albert’s cruelty to and hatred of his sister knows no bounds. When Juliet was 13, Albert pushed her off a tree top resulting in her leg being shattered. Today she walks with a limp. All she wants is to escape to their family home, Rosemont Cottage, and live out her life in peace, far away from her hateful brother. However, when she finds that Albert has lost the property while gambling, she is devastated.Juliet discovers that Jonathan Tidemore, is the man who won Rosemont Cottage from her brother, so she decides to approach him and ask for him to please return it to her. Instead, he offers her the job of governess to his sisters. If she is able to shape the young hoydens into proper English ladies, he will ensure that the property is returned to her and only her. As she really has no other choice, she immediately agrees.An intelligent young woman, Juliet works well with the young girls who take a liking to her and are willing to take their instruction from her. Juliet is kind and makes learning interesting and fun for them.Meanwhile, the interactions between Jonathan and Juliet occur more and more often and their attraction to one another begins to blossom. Even though Juliet is the daughter of a Baron, she feels that any true, future relationship between them is not to be so she holds onto her dream of one day being able to live in peace in her cottage. Ah, but will love be denied?I thoroughly enjoyed this book and there is so much more to the story that I cannot reveal here. Just know that you must read this book. It’s romantic, fun, and sweet.
—Connie Fischer

Always a Rogue, Forever Her Love by Christi CaldwellScandalous Seasons Series Book Four Jonathan Tidemore, 5th Earl of Sinclair lives the life of a rogue. His nickname says it all, Sin. However, he has a few women problems; a mother who is always after him to marry. Right, like he’s ready to give up his rogue life. Four sisters; one who is on her second Season and three still in the schoolroom and they seem to have a knack for chasing governesses away. And now he has a woman demanding he has something she wants. Well, maybe he can solve one problem at least, as she has something he would like too.Juliet Marshville cannot believe how her life has gone downhill. Since her beloved father died over a year ago, her idiot brother has been living the life of a reprobate. For instance he is gambling and losing at. In fact, he has gambled and lost her beloved Rosecliff Cottage and more. An offer of work where she can gain back her cottage seems to be her best option. Or is it?The author wrote such unique personalities for Sinclair’s sisters and his own character has so many facets to it. In this series the reader has met the handsome rogue in book one, as Drake’s best friend, and book three where he too was wooing the American, Miss Stone. Definitely a series worth reading.**Sexual content within marriage

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