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Only Mine (2011)

Only Mine (2011)

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Only Mine #4 : Susan Mallery.Finished on: September 28th. 2014.Rate: 5/5 This is the first book that I have read by Susan Mallery and I absolutely loved it. I have never read much romance, but as time goes on, I find myself turning more and more into a sap, haha. I love how with her books, you can pretty much start anywhere. She writes the books in threes. This is the 4th book of hers, but it’s the 1st of that “series”. Books 4, 5, and 6 are technically like its own series. With it this way, you can pick up pretty much anywhere in the “series” without missing anything. I really liked Finn and Dakota together. It was a bit different from what I usually read, but was worth it. I liked how there really wasn’t a dull moment. I can’t wait to read Only Yours and Only His. (Will re-read at some point and give a more in depth review before I read the next book.)~The Writing Bookworm. Thanks to Mayor Marsha, Dakota is stuck babysitting a new reality show about love that's come to Fool's Gold. Finn has flown in from Alaska to stop his twin brothers from participating in the show. They both know Finn is just there for the short term, but that doesn't stop them from making a love connection of their own. Susan Mallery's Fool's Gold novels are fun reads. I highly suggest them to anyone that is looking for a good romance to escape into.

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Not as good as Two of a Kind and Three Little Words, but still a heartwarming story.

Yes, my 4th book in a month from the same series! Can't help it :)

great series. enjoyed this book.

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