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Chasing Perfect (2010)

Chasing Perfect (2010)

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About book Chasing Perfect (2010)

I was trying to hit 4.5 stars but could not get the rating system to work exactly as I would have desired. Not as low as 4 stars but the story line was just a bit too predictable to be 5. Still, an enjoyable read. Though seriously? A town with no men in it? How insane is that? Who even thought of that? (Well, we know who thought of it.) I can understand how Mallery grew such a following. She is clever and sincere in her writing. Her characters can be raw and will stay with you. This book was written awhile back. If you've missed it, you should travel back in time and visit Fool's Gold at its roots (Book 1). First off I want to give my self a huge pat on the back for finishing this one. It was so close to hitting in the DNF pile. The only reason it didn't is more a reflection on me then the storyline - I'm not a quitter! I hated that charity was gone the moment she gazed into Josh's hazel eyes. There was no build up or character character development and was all to fast. This small town is obviously very different to the smallish town I live in but seriously what is it with everyone (60year olds included) asking if Josh is good in bed. I'm sorry but there is nooo way that was believable. Really, picture yourself in the hair salon surrounded by strangers who are all asking about the virility of the man you have just started seeing - not something I'd be laughing about. Imagine if it roles were reversed and it was all the men asking Josh if Charity was a good lay, they'd be perceived as perverts and that's all there is to it. Apart from that my main issue was how unrealistic and inconsistent the details are.We are told approx 104,563 times that Fools Gold is a Small Town. Small enough Charity basically ditches her car and walks everywhere. Yet her main goal is to get a SECOND hospital into town. Really???? All because the first one doesn't have a trauma centre. Riiight. While we are on the subject of hospitals.... Didn't they get one signed on in the first few pages because Golden boy saved the day? So does that mean there'll be three??Maybe it wasn't a hospital, I don't care enough to check.There were so many other small things but I can't muster up enough enthusiasm to write another word about this book!

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Loved it! Quick easy read! My first Susan Mallet book but definitely not my last!

A heartfelt book, everyone can relate and learn from.


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