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Only His (2011)

Only His (2011)

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Where to begin with this review...hmmm. First off, any story following Simon and Montana would be hard to impress me. It's a very tough act to follow. I did like this story, however a few things irked me. The whole Cat wanting Nevada was way off base and frankly a little weird. I felt it was too far left field and came out of nowhere. Cat is a man eating woman, who loves having men worship her and now all of a sudden she's back in town after ten years and wants Nevada? Umm no! Second the whole Max and Denise thing was strange. She wanted to start dating and she believes in more than one true love per person and yet she doesn't want to marry max? I don't get it.....I did like the chemistry between Tucker and Nevada. They seemed to be a perfect match. I do wish just once in the fools gold series, the couple would fall in love and not have a dramatic scene where one person has to chase the other at the end. I get there has to be a storyline but it's a little typical of how each story is going to go now. So, this story gets a solid 4 stars, maybe 3 1/2? This is the 6th book in Ms. Mallery's Fool's Gold series. This book is primarily about Nevada the third triplet. There are also a couple of side stories about Jo, who runs the bar in town, and Denise the triplets mother.I really enjoy this series and I usually don't enjoy contemporary romance. I especially find myself getting bored with series set in the same place with the same characters. This series is totally different! The characters are more real and believable. They make mistakes and have flaws that they are working through. I find myself really looking forward to the next cycle of 3 books.

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didn't like as much as the previous one but still a solid read - 3.5 stars

I'm gonna miss all the characters up to now. :( I hope to see them again.

Addicted to the romance and enjoying the characters in this series!

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