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Kami Garcia

Kami Garcia
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Books by Kami Garcia


Beautiful Chaos (2011)

This book was wonderful. The writing was powerful and beautiful. The strengths of this book was that is was suspenseful and kind of romantic. One weakness of this book was that it took me a while to really get into it. I would reccommend this book to a classmate because it is just a great book. T...

Beautiful Chaos (2011) by Kami Garcia

Dream Dark (2011)

Link is one of my favorite characters so I’m glad I got the chance to read something that was just about him. This was in the point of view of Link, but told in Ethan’s voice and I liked that. We got a look at how something happened to Link the night of Lena’s seventeenth moon, which will definit...

Dream Dark (2011) by Kami Garcia

Kaos (2013)

Considering this book is titled "Beautiful Chaos" and book two is "Beautiful Darkness", I think book three has lost the chaotic structure of writing found in book two and regained literary order. It was much easier to digest. The story itself.... Couldn't read it fast enough.... Chaos reigned s...

Kaos (2013) by Kami Garcia

Hermoso caos (2012)

Personally, I really didn't enjoy any of the books in the Caster Chronicles as much as some people but I also didn't hate them. I felt that the authors almost made the book too descriptive and it seemed like they spent a lot of time in almost an exposition. I did enjoy this book much more than th...

Hermoso caos (2012) by Kami Garcia

18 Lunes (2011)

This book was AMAZING. I cried so much , oh my God. Let me talk about the end : - Ethan sacrificed himself to save Gatlin, to save his family and Lena. Whaaaat? I mean,I knew from the begining that he was The One who is Two ,but I never thought that he would kill himself by falling from the top o...

18 Lunes (2011) by Kami Garcia

The Beautiful Creatures Complete Collection (2012)

By far my favorite book series that I have ever read. I love how this story has so many twists and turns, and surprises that leave you breathtaken. The love that Lena and Ethan have for each other is something immeasurable, and you can feel it within yourself when you read how Ethan expresses it....

The Beautiful Creatures Complete Collection (2012) by Kami Garcia

The Caster Chronicles 1-3 Collection (2011)

This is the next "Twilight" series in my opinion. I felt this entire series, from Beautiful Creatures through Beautiful Redemption . I could not put any of these books down...nor did I want to!! I absolutely enjoyed the first book and couldn't wait to read the next and the next. I actually order...

The Caster Chronicles 1-3 Collection (2011) by Kami Garcia

Sublimes Lunes (2013)

wayyy to short! i have a love/hate of kindle novellas. while on one hand, they give you a deeper look into the worlds that authors have created, they're also torturous because there are so few words. there's never enough to be satisfying, only enough to get emotions riled up only to be left breat...

Sublimes Lunes (2013) by Kami Garcia

Dangerous Dream (2000)

Review Courtesy of April HollingworthI love the Dangerous Creatures series, but I found this short story a bit too short, and in so leaving out more than it should. I felt like I was left hanging at the end, too many questions and no answers. It being a short story in the series I’m sure the ques...

Dangerous Dream (2000) by Kami Garcia

The Beautiful Creatures Complete Paperback Collection (2013)

So I realize I sorta missed the boat with this series as I believe the first one came out in like, 2009. But whatever. I am not really going to talk much about the plot, mostly because throughout 4 books of at least 500 pages each, THERE IS SO MUCH OF IT. However there might be Spoilers, But I’ll...

The Beautiful Creatures Complete Paperback Collection (2013) by Kami Garcia

The Caster Chronicles (2012)

I saw the movie first and thought I hope the book is better, and it actually was. I liked how for once the story was told from a guys point of view. When the last book in the series was told from lena's point of view I didn't like it much I couldn't wait for each an to come back. I kept reading ...

The Caster Chronicles (2012) by Kami Garcia

Beautiful Creatures the Complete Series Box Set (2013)

The Castor Chronicles series revolves around the protagonist Ethan Wate and how his life transforms from wanting to get out of the town of Gatlin, to wanting nothing else but to stay in because of a girl he's been having dreams about before he actually met her; Lena Duchannes.The Ravenwood planta...

Beautiful Creatures the Complete Series Box Set (2013) by Kami Garcia

Unmarked (2014)

4.5 Stars: Non-spoilers- WOWZA! I forgot how much I loved this series and Kami Garcia's writing. I love Supernatural-the kick ass television show- and the genre and if you like either of those things, definitely pick up this series.Spoilers- My heart has been punched. By whom, you ask? Oh, just U...

Unmarked (2014) by Kami Garcia

Beautiful Creatures (2009)

Phew, I am so glad that's over. I can't believe I actually made it through all those pages, I'm sure I wouldn't have done if I hadn't set myself the challenge of reading every monthly book club read chosen by one of my groups. Ugh. Seriously, just ugh. I have read some dismal books in the young a...

Beautiful Creatures (2009) by Kami Garcia

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