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Beautiful Chaos (2011)

Beautiful Chaos (2011)

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0316123528 (ISBN13: 9780316123525)
Little, Brown and Company

About book Beautiful Chaos (2011)

This book was wonderful. The writing was powerful and beautiful. The strengths of this book was that is was suspenseful and kind of romantic. One weakness of this book was that it took me a while to really get into it. I would reccommend this book to a classmate because it is just a great book. This book is a part of the series and there is one more book. I plan on reading that book and finishing the series. Ah that was such a cliffhanger! The book takes place shortly after the events in the previous book. Ethan/Lena are together again. The problem in this book was the changes in Order of things which happened because Lena claimed both Light and Dark. So the Order needs to be balanced and to do that, they need a sacrifice.And anyway, Ethan was feeling like he's not himself and we find out later that it was because of his fractured soul when Amma & Lena brought him back from the death. Part of his soul is in the Mortal world but the other is not. I feel so bad for Ethan here, he's been through a lot he deserves so much better. A lot of things has improved in this book. I feel more attached to the characters. Lena's character is getting so much better (less annoying, I'm starting to love her), Amma has gone to the dark path to save Ethan, and Sarafine's tragic backstory. The only thing that I dislike from this book was Ridley. I feel like she has a great potential as a Mortal but they're wasting her character. Or maybe that's because I had a huge expectations for her since she's my favourite.

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it was an awesome book just didnt like how i ends off cant wait to read next book

What an awesome book... I want a boyfriend like Ethan... BEST BOOK EVER!!!!!

did not like it will stop reading this serious

Awesome book! Can't wait to read the next!

wtf was that ending

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