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Kaos (2013)

Kaos (2013)

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Considering this book is titled "Beautiful Chaos" and book two is "Beautiful Darkness", I think book three has lost the chaotic structure of writing found in book two and regained literary order. It was much easier to digest. The story itself.... Couldn't read it fast enough.... Chaos reigned supreme and I loved it!!Add to this that Link has me cracked up and the aunts are bat shit crazy..... Just can't wait to see how Gatlin changes next! Spoilers spoilers spoilers 1. I loved Lena in the first two books and I'm upset by her petty jealousy of Liv in this one. Liv not only helped save everyone, but lost her ability to become a Keeper. And then Lena in book 2 ran off with some other guy who she was totally messing around with. That's messed up. There is no need to make Ethan lose a friend because Lena can't handle another girl.2. Why does Ethan have to die? Dumb af. Poor Amma just wants to take care of him but it's damn annoying that she never gives him any information.3. You're about to die Ethan, maybe you want to properly say goodbye to your father?

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Meh. Al fin algo más de coherencia narrativa, pero... pero... pero... no termina de cuajar

so far this one has been the most interesting out of the first 3 books.



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