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18 Lunes (2011)

18 Lunes (2011)

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2012021204 (ISBN13: 9782012021204)
Hachette Jeunesse

About book 18 Lunes (2011)

This book was AMAZING. I cried so much , oh my God. Let me talk about the end : - Ethan sacrificed himself to save Gatlin, to save his family and Lena. Whaaaat? I mean,I knew from the begining that he was The One who is Two ,but I never thought that he would kill himself by falling from the top of the water tower.This scene was absolute mind blowing. There is a scene where I cried like a freaking baby. The one where Ethan came to see Aunt Prue in the hospital. I went to hospitals,since I was little(not that I had any kind of troubles ,just for controls) and I never ever saw a hospital the way Ethan did. This guy simply though that the hospital was just a room where you were about to die in. Even the description of the inside was depressing and when he didn't want to look at his aunt, there it was. The crying.I literally cried so much at that part I couldn't even talk for the next 30 minutes.The way he saw the whole hospital, not like a place where you help people, but like a depressing, full of weird smell,with peach walls and sad faces was so so so heartbreaking. Now to the couples : -Liv and John , I mean c'mon! Why?! I was like shipping Ethan and Liv at the end,but let's face it . Ethan will always end up either with Lena or alone and possibly dead. Whitch doesn't really botter me but still kinda makes me uncomfortable to look at. -Ridley and Link : Ridley is a bitch. That's what I gotta say. Link is the victim here , no doubt. -possibly Mrs English and Mr Wate? -I am not sure but I don't want this to happen either . The only thing that kept annoying me was the "It's my fault " thing. Why everyone keeps saying that?! And 90% of the book shows that it really isn't but they still blame themselfes . I hate this. I am gonna give 4 stars for this book , because it was the only one from the Caster Chronicles that made me smile and cry ,possibly at the same time,haha . I can't wait to read the last book and to review it for you guys :) I don't really write reviews but I wanted to say that, like with the others, they are great and have so much potential. They just make them too drawn out. If they'd taken out about 200 pages and quicken the pace, this series would be perfect. I love that they are told from Ethan's POV. I keep hitting snags with each and wanting to stop reading but I've pushed through and it's worth it. They've gotten better each book. So if you've had the same problem, keep pushing through and read this! It's worth it.

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This was really good. Loved the history and magical aspect of the whole series!

Liked the plot, though a little dark. Easy read.

cliff hanger at the end that mad me so mad

didn't finish

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