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Unmarked (2014)

Unmarked (2014)

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4.5 Stars: Non-spoilers- WOWZA! I forgot how much I loved this series and Kami Garcia's writing. I love Supernatural-the kick ass television show- and the genre and if you like either of those things, definitely pick up this series.Spoilers- My heart has been punched. By whom, you ask? Oh, just Unmarked by Kami Garcia. From the very first page she sucks you in and stabs your heart a little with letting us know; hey, by the end of the book Jared's gonna be possessed! Enjoy! Ugh! But just talking about the basic story itself; I love it. I love her characters; they're funny, strong and overall not super annoying. Her plots; it makes sense and has enough twists to make a pretzel. The imagery; sometimes when I'm reading a book, it'll take me a little while to get a picture of the characters or setting and it takes me a while to get into a reading session. But not in these. Within a page of reading I got all the pictures in my head down pat. The music; ER music toast is impeccable. Just really good! I was worried Kennedy was going to get annoying and be all winey because of the bad things she's done-which usually pisses me off to no end- but this time it didn't annoy me. I understood it and I was okay with it. Which I'm not sure if that's because I'm becoming a better person or if Kami just makes amazing characters, but either way it's great. Jared as always was just the sweetest. Last book he felt a little stand off ish, but in this one he was just so sweet and ugh, I love him. I can't wait for him to come back!! It just killed me to see Andras in him! D; But as for the other characters; I so ship Elle and Lukas. I was worried Lukas was just going to forever be pinning for Kennedy, but he's good now! I also like Alara and her beau. He seems nice. I love Priest but I really hope he and Alara can get past the hatred of Kennedy and Jared. We need the team to be as one! But omg the Illuminists. Why, Kami?!!! Why!! Okay so this whole time we're waiting and waiting for Kennedy to become marked and officially become one of the team. But now it comes out that she apparently an Illuminati because of her mom?!? Wat?! And her dad and aunt were part of the Legion?!?! Gahhhh Why can't we just be happy for once!! I don't know if I entirely understand the whole Illuminati aspect yet, but I know I don't like it! *sob* *sob* I just wanted her to be part of the Legion. I don't know how I feel about her dad, Gabriel and Dimitri either. They all seem sketchy. And now we conclude the book with the fact that Kennedy is the vessel. F***. Like I mean yay for knowing what the vessel is, but dammit. We know the whole time Kennedy is something special because she's the "white dove" her aunt saw in her dreams. But I mean are Kennedy and Jared every going to be be together again? I need my Jarennedy, Kami!! Overall, really fantastic and I can't wait for the next installment!!! ;D 3.5 starsI loved the first book in this series and devoured it so when I saw Unmarked available for review I jumped at the chance. While not a bad book by any means something was missing from this one in comparison to Unbreakable. Perhaps because there was less action and too much time spent on Kennedy blaming herself for everything under the sun. There were a few things that also didn't sit well with me. Kennedy knew Andras had found her at school and yet keeps this news to herself when she runs off with the other Legion members. I kept waiting for her to tell them but she never does and of course eventually that means trouble for everyone around her. You would think she would have learned her lesson by now but apparently not. The other big issue I had was the way Priest treats Kennedy after the big secret is revealed about Kennedy's background. He flips on her so easily after they supposedly all bonded together. It just seemed wrong.I think this book set up a lot for the next book and gives you just enough of a taste of what comes next, making you want the next book asap to find out what happens.

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