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Beautiful Creatures The Complete Series Box Set (2013)

Beautiful Creatures the Complete Series Box Set (2013)

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0141349271 (ISBN13: 9780141349275)
Penguin Books, Limited (UK)

About book Beautiful Creatures The Complete Series Box Set (2013)

The Castor Chronicles series revolves around the protagonist Ethan Wate and how his life transforms from wanting to get out of the town of Gatlin, to wanting nothing else but to stay in because of a girl he's been having dreams about before he actually met her; Lena Duchannes.The Ravenwood plantation is known to be scary, dark, and a piece of the devil to the people of Gatlin, but when the niece of Old man Ravenwood moves in with him, and attends high school, everything starts to change. Lena becomes the odd one out and the only thing she wants is to be normal, before she gets claimed either into the light or dark.The series basically revolves around Ethan and Lena, and how things at Gatlin changes because of the 16th, 17th, 18th and 19th moons. It started with Lena's 16th moon, when she get claimed by either the light or dark.I listened to the audiobooks while reading the books (just because I space out sometimes during the book, I'm sure you all have those moments! xD). I started after I watched the movie. I enjoyed the movie but then came to despise it once I finished the second book, because that was when everything basically clicked in my head.The series started out pretty good. I enjoyed Beautiful Creatures, it was pretty cool, a bit engrossing, since I was working while listening to the book. All the main characters were properly introduced, plus the way of Kevin T. Collins portrays all of the accents of those characters was just fantastic! He made it twice as good!When I started Beautiful Darkness, that is where is all starts. It made the first book feel like a prologue. There were multiple new characters that were introduced, and again, Kevin T. Collins did a fabulous job with the voices, and audibles sound affects made the books twice as exciting. The only thing I didn't like was Lena and her rebellious-stupidity. I don't understand how easily she can get brainwashed. I was extremely annoyed at her in this book. I was just happy that it was all in Lena's perspective.Beautiful Chaos felt kind of like a drag for me to listen to after the 2nd book... I was tired of Ethan and Lena's story. I was tired of castors and incubus's, but I didn't stop, I wanted to finish it. Things got a lot more deeper after the second book, everything basically went to hell in Gatlin, and made everyone in town think it was the end of the world. My face was grimm the entire time I was listening/reading it. Of course, as it is every books tradition, the book ended with a blast, or basically a shocker, or makes your jaw drop.I really really really enjoyed Beautiful Redemption. I have no idea why but it was so exciting that it got my heart racing by what felt like the middle of the book. Here you get to read the book in both Lena and Ethan's perspective, just like the first book but that was only briefly. Lena has a few chapters for herself, and you get to see more of Lena's actual perspective on things and how she really feels towards Ethan. The entire book, my emotions changes from happy, excited, sad, shocked, and many others. Multiple emotions swarmed through me in this book. I was quite sad and happy at the same time to see it end.The Castor Chronicles ended with a happy ending but with accepted losses that made my heart melt.It is a great series. It is up there with Vampire Academy, Twilight, and The Hunger Games. It is definitely one of my top 10 favorite book series of all time.I recommend this series to Young Adults, who enjoy reading about paranormal fantasy romance with a splash of comedy. Those who enjoyed reading the Twilight , the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and other paranormal books, this is a series you should definitely try out.It is a little bit cliché, with a pinch of originality, it is exciting, engrossing, and unputdownable in some moments. Almost finished with "Beautiful Chaos" (book 3 - pg 279). Still pretty good, but I am not as into it now as I was on the first 2. Hope this one picks up a little more in the end.UPDATE: Just finished "Beautiful Chaos". The end really did suck me in. I can't beleive how it ended! On to "Beautiful Redemption". I hope they can follow up with something good.Just finished this series. Overall, they made for good reading. The ending leaves me imagining "What happens next?"

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Not a great read. The books by Stephenie Meyer were much better.

I really love this series! Very well written!

I loved this series. Couldn't put it down.

Love this series cant wait for the next!!

MUCH better than the movies!

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