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The Caster Chronicles (2012)

The Caster Chronicles (2012)

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About book The Caster Chronicles (2012)

I saw the movie first and thought I hope the book is better, and it actually was. I liked how for once the story was told from a guys point of view. When the last book in the series was told from lena's point of view I didn't like it much I couldn't wait for each an to come back. I kept reading one book after another just to find out how the series would end, and to me it was worth the sleep I should of been doing. looking forward to ore works from this author. Although moderately entertaining, Beautiful Creatures ended up being full of clichés and stereotypes. A lot of it felt contrived: the dialogue between characters, the high school dynamics, the forced-sounding nicknames of people and things... you get the idea. The characters themselves often fell flat as well. Ethan - The narrator, described as being a popular jock, despite the fact that he behaves more like a 90 year old woman than a 16 year old boy. His great aunts had more pizzazz than he did. I'd rather hang out with them. Described as having a "power", although it's never fully explained.Lena - Ethan's whiny love interest, a "caster". Being the niece of the village recluse, she's automatically ostracized at school (as well as by the parents of those at school, who really need to grow the eff up). Full of angst about whether she's Light or Dark, which starts to get old after hearing about it for the hundredth time. She just got progressively more annoying, and hypocritical. Also, she wrote exceedingly lame "poetry". Link - Ethan's bff. Nothing much to say about him. He's written as a combination of "dumb jock" meets "jock with a heart of gold". In a terrible band. The incubus thing seemed added in as a way to give him more appeal, but again, it came off as contrived. Digs Ridley.Ridley - Lena's cousin, Dark, and woohoo! a Siren. I thought she was going to (finally) add more depth to the supernatural tone, she was just a ridiculous overblown character. She's described as always dressing/looking like a goth hooker, and being a siren, she makes people do what she wants by sucking on a lollipop. The vast majority of her dialogue is absurd, and her sole purpose in the novel was pretty much just to cause an unnecessary ruckus and give some drama to Link's life. Really, I can't take a character seriously if they consistently refer to another character as "Shrinky Dink" or "Hot Rod". Come on.Amma - A rootworker, whose only purpose in life is to fatten up Ethan with all manner of delectable homemade things. Oh, and to protect him (duh). I did find her comments rather humourous, though.There's a whole mess of other characters, but these are the main five.My main problem with this series was how rushed it felt. I remember reading that the author completed the first book in just a few months, and it definitely read that way. There were things that were just never explained very well: Linkubus, being a "Natural" or a "Catalyst", Ethan's power, etc. This book could have been pared down of the useless drivel and filled instead with more explanation. The second was how contrived and cliché the characters were. The entire town of Gatlin was a stereotypical portrayal of the South, with its intolerance, and citizens who had no other interests but baking pies, reenacting the Civil War, and of course plotting to drive out the "weird" family. Plus, some of the "magical" stuff going on seemed like it was just filler - i.e. the way the interior of Ravenwood Manor would change depending on Lena's mood, or "Kitchen"... these were cool concepts, but never expanded upon. I consider this an "airport" (or road trip) read. Something to pass the time, but not a series I'd revisit. Also, the movie was terrible.

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i finished book 1 got 4 more to go enjoyed the first one i love the movie

Very quick and easy reads. Teenage romance. Dark and funny.

In love from page one!! Read all recommendation .

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