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The Beautiful Creatures Complete Paperback Collection (2013)

The Beautiful Creatures Complete Paperback Collection (2013)

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0316250902 (ISBN13: 9780316250900)
Little, Brown Books for Young Readers

About book The Beautiful Creatures Complete Paperback Collection (2013)

So I realize I sorta missed the boat with this series as I believe the first one came out in like, 2009. But whatever. I am not really going to talk much about the plot, mostly because throughout 4 books of at least 500 pages each, THERE IS SO MUCH OF IT. However there might be Spoilers, But I’ll make sure and say so before.I think the thing about these books is that they were pitted to be “the next twilight” or “the next Harry Potter” but truly it’s a mix of both, and deserves to have a name of it’s own.While The Caster Chronicles do have that “forbidden love” touch in the first book, and goes on to have quite a few romantic scenes (NOPE. LET’S KEEP IT PG PEOPLE, NOTHING MORE THAN KISSING GET YOUR MIND OUT OF THE GUTTER.) I feel like it goes so much beyond that.Now correct me if I am wrong, (since i’ve never actually read twilight) but I believe it is ALL about Bella and Edwards relationship, and stuff right?Now The Caster Chronicles have that, they have a lot of focus on Ethan and Lena’s relationship, but there is so much more going on in the books.OKAY SPOILER TIME DON’T READ UNLESS YOU’VE FINISHED ALL OF THEM.Ethan and Lena are testing their relationship as Lena goes through several obstacles to face her “claiming” and results in “breaking the order” So now, Ethan and Lena and their friends are in a race against time to fix the order, decide whether Lena is Light or Dark, not get killed AND try to be normal teenagers. And Lena and Ethan aren’t perfect. They make mistakes. And that’s what I love about them, they are so real, and beautifully portrayed. But that’s not all. The Caster Chronicles go beyond a superficial, paranormal romance story.In the 3rd book, Ethan dies in order to saves the ones he loves (TRUST ME, I BAWLED) Ethan is so in love with Lena that he will do anything for her. I mean who doesn’t want to read about a hot, smart, loving, caring guy who dies for his girlfriend to survive? Who believes in her, who travels through these dangerous and terrifying adventures just to get back to her?I just believe that The Caster Chronicles are so much more than “The next twilight”. I want them to be remembered. Because Lena isn’t cool. She isn’t perfect. She doesn’t fit in. She doesn’t know who she is. But she learns. And she is powerful, and she gives everything her all. And if that’s not a role-model, than I don’t know what is. Every book in this series was captivating start-to-finish! All of the characters are compelling and filled with the irresistible charm found in true Southerners. You'll laugh, you'll cry, & you will identify some of your own family or friends in Gatlin, because people are people no matter the locale.....i was sad when after completing the last book because i knew i'd miss the time I'd spent with these folks. The movie, however, didn't do the books justice!

Do You like book The Beautiful Creatures Complete Paperback Collection (2013)?

Book 1 was ok- book 2 hard work- book 3 absolutely brilliant and book 4 a nice adventure

It's so boring until the last 50 sides of the book (all except the last)

I love the books I own all of them and would read them over and over

Slightly more boring then I would like to confess.

A series to pass by time, thats for sure

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