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Sublimes Lunes (2013)

Sublimes Lunes (2013)

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2012035329 (ISBN13: 9782012035324)
Hachete Jeunesse

About book Sublimes Lunes (2013)

wayyy to short! i have a love/hate of kindle novellas. while on one hand, they give you a deeper look into the worlds that authors have created, they're also torturous because there are so few words. there's never enough to be satisfying, only enough to get emotions riled up only to be left breathless/reeling and left to wait for the next book. why, that's quite genius if you ask me.regardless, i loved reading link's story even though it felt so truncated. but let's be honest, i really didn't need ethan as the narrator. this would've been just fine coming from link's perspective, but i understand that this was written between books 2 & 3 and that's when everyone is totally in love with ethan & lena. so perhaps it's my own fault for reading out of order.let's just say that this little novella makes me understand completely why the authors have decided to write a series about link & ridley. link's probably the most beloved character of the caster chronicles. okay, that may be a completely biased statement. let me rephrase. link is my most beloved character in the caster chronicles and thus reading his story made me utterly happy. This book was included in Beautiful Chaos which I got from the library along with the rest of the books. I was glad that I was able to read it since Link was one of my favorite characters. I also liked how the authors made a short story about Link and how he was transforming after getting bitten. It was interesting to read and very short so I was able to read it before starting the third book of the series. It was really good and showed how Link felt when he started transforming. I was glad to read it and if you are a big fan of the series I suggest reading this short story. Enjoy!!!!

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Good back story to dangerous creatures. However cost was a little high for suck a short book.

I like Link but this story is just kind of a waste. it didn't add anything to the series.

Por poco me olvido de leer esto. Estuvo entretenida. ._.

Very disappointed. I would hardly call this a "book".

Well!Way to short !What's the point?

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