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Hermoso Caos (2012)

Hermoso caos (2012)

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Personally, I really didn't enjoy any of the books in the Caster Chronicles as much as some people but I also didn't hate them. I felt that the authors almost made the book too descriptive and it seemed like they spent a lot of time in almost an exposition. I did enjoy this book much more than the last book but I feel like the series was over all kind of depressing. I wish there would have been more action and less down time but I do have to say I absolutely loved the ending. It was so beautiful and I didn't see it coming! This one started out a lot better than the second book. There was more happening, and things are getting worse. Then the two best characters (Link and Ridley) sort of get shoved to the background. The rest of the book is a rising melodramatic drama that leads to an ending that can't come soon enough. Now I have to read the last book to find out what happens. Hopefully it's not as angsty as this one.

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I just read the ending and looked at the rest online. Borrring

Same story from the first and second book. Nothing new

This has been my least favorite in the series.

3.5 really

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