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Hugh Howey

Hugh Howey
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Books by Hugh Howey


Wool Omnibus (2012)

Hesitated between 4 and 3, ended up with 4 mostly because I believe that the new author with obvious talent needs to be encouraged. Negatives first: the most stupidest name ever, flood of unnecessary details, some dragged out sequences, why no elevators?, some events entirely predictable. Positiv...

Wool Omnibus (2012) by Hugh Howey

Wool (2011)

Halfway between 7/10 & 8/10Why didn't I read this before now? Fear of a dystopian without romance to soften it, that's why. Well, more fool me. Book one has me addicted. Short & somewhat scary, it may have lacked romance, but it definitely packed an emotional punch. I'd say more, but it would onl...

Wool (2011) by Hugh Howey

First Shift: Legacy (2012) finally know how things all started. I can see how there is definitely more to this story than just the first book. I smell a conspiracy here. This one definitely had my heart racing at the end, I couldn't finish it fast enough, I had to know what was going to happen. The pace...

First Shift: Legacy (2012) by Hugh Howey

Sand Omnibus (2014)

Great concept. Enjoyed the story line, took me a while to pick up on the clues, though. Would like to know the time frames after Wool.Thought we could have learned more about the characters and particularly the father. He certainly had another baby quickly, so what happened in the mine?The e...

Sand Omnibus (2014) by Hugh Howey

Third Shift: Pact (2013)

Got kinda hooked on the SILO concept series by Howey and plowed thru all of them, which includes WOOL, the three books of SHIFT and the final (so far) volume of DUST. What's that, about 1200 pages? I didn't do much but read for a couple of days. I admit, it was more like eating potato chips than ...

Third Shift: Pact (2013) by Hugh Howey

The Stranded (2012)

I will preface this review by stating that my rating may be somewhat misleading - there are certain things about this, the fifth installment of the Silo series, that had me nodding and smiling... and other parts that simply made me roll my eyes.Generally speaking, the writing gets a big thumbs up...

The Stranded (2012) by Hugh Howey

Silo 5 (2013)

Really outstanding. I enjoyed the previous four installments a lot but never before have I thought the final book in a series was the best! This was a really gripping story full of twists and suspense with a lot of heart. It’s definitely a difficult story at times, but it is so well-constructe...

Silo 5 (2013) by Hugh Howey

Wool 5 - The Stranded (2012)

I still really like the series, but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this one. Good people made good decisions, bad people made bad decisions, and ignorant people made a whole lot of decisions out of fear. There wasn't much that was surprising or innovative at this point. Half the joy I got...

Wool 5 - The Stranded (2012) by Hugh Howey

Silo 5 / Gestrand (2013)

Great "ending" to the Wool series. Now that we know there is a deserted Silo 17, I wanna know more about it, and about Jimmy/Solo. In this installment we find the Mechanical fighting its way up to IT, for truth, for Juliette. We find Juliette fighting for a way back home, to spread the truth. Ber...

Silo 5 / Gestrand (2013) by Hugh Howey

Los desamparados (2013)

Spoilers below.It was a nice book although I expected a much more satisfying conclusion, I still have this claustrophobic feeling in my heart. The smell of oil and cogs still lives in my nose. I was waiting somehow, that they were going to find out things were good on the surface, that they someh...

Los desamparados (2013) by Hugh Howey

A hajótörött (2014)

Ok so really I read the omnibus but since they are listed separately I'm going to review them separately too. Certainly in this case Wool 5 is a "book" not just an instalment anyway.Howey's world building closes the circle somewhat in #5. We learn more about the past, we see the uprising cycle re...

A hajótörött (2014) by Hugh Howey

I, Zombie (2012)

Zombies are terrific horror antagonists because writers and readers can project any number of emotions or topics on them. By placing the book's voice in the minds of characters trapped in uncooperative, decaying, and deadly bodies, Howey challenges the reader to project empathy for the aged, the ...

I, Zombie (2012) by Hugh Howey

Wool Omnibus Edition (2012)

addictive, original read by a self-published author. recommended for all sci-fi fans. Great book!! Looking forward to the movie someday. Loved the characters- has a Divergent feel to it.

Wool Omnibus Edition (2012) by Hugh Howey

Wool Omnibus (Silo, #1) (2013)

This is a really good book and one of the better ones that I have read in a while for my end times shelf. This novel is actually a compilation of several smaller serial novels. I would recommend getting the book that has the whole enchilada in it. So the story is about a group of survivors of som...

Wool Omnibus (Silo, #1) (2013) by Hugh Howey

Silo 1 (2012)

Really intersting premise. I've already started on the second book. Very fascinating. Have read books 1-5. The series had me hooked until the 5th book. Repetitive and boring.

Silo 1 (2012) by Hugh Howey

Espejismo (2013)

I've heard so many opinions (both good and bad) about this work that I decided I had to give it a try. Hugh Howey has succeeded in creating a terrifying world, peopled with interesting characters and challenges to overcome. The setting is incredibly original and some of the plot twists were suita...

Espejismo (2013) by Hugh Howey

Second Shift: Order (2012)

Another really good chapter in the Silo series. A companion novel to the Wool series. Not as good as the original, but I still enjoyed it.

Second Shift: Order (2012) by Hugh Howey

Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace (2010)

Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace (The Bern Saga Book 4) by Hugh HoweyI've said it before and I'll say it again I love the Molly Fyde series. The books just keep getting better. They also keep demanding more attention to the details. We've been watching Molly Fyde grow throughout the series. We'...

Molly Fyde and the Fight for Peace (2010) by Hugh Howey

Molly Fyde and the Blood of Billions (2010)

This book took off where the last when ended and it was as exciting as the others. But then something happened in the middle that hurt me to read. I admit I felt betrayed. I set it aside for a week and then realized that the hurt was possible because I have become so invested in these characte...

Molly Fyde and the Blood of Billions (2010) by Hugh Howey

Half Way Home (2010)

I enjoyed this novel and would like to see more written in this world. I would like to see how the survivors grow and become more than "just their programming". It was a very interesting tale of dealing with a new situation at almost every turn. From learning about love and sexuality to how to...

Half Way Home (2010) by Hugh Howey

Sand Part 1: The Belt of the Buried Gods (2013)

I'm going through my third read through of Sand, taking notes as I finalize my fanfic story. Sand starts off with a great introduction to this world half buried in sand, a culture fighting to survive in the grit on top where the adventurous dive underneath for riches buried beyond reach--almost. ...

Sand Part 1: The Belt of the Buried Gods (2013) by Hugh Howey

Second Suicide: A Short Story (Kindle Single) (2014)

This short story was a great read and really cool! It was not what I was expecting. It's hard to know what to expect with a title like Second Suicide. What the heck could that mean? And why would I want to read about suicide anyway? You'll find out if you read this book. It was written in first p...

Second Suicide: A Short Story (Kindle Single) (2014) by Hugh Howey

The Shell Collector (2014)

In Wool, Shift, and Dust, Hugh Howey showed us his mastery of a future in which humanity has caused it's own downfall. He told complicated stories of a far future that we can deflect as being truly fiction. In the shell collector, Howey tells a less dramatic yet much more disturbing tale of a not...

The Shell Collector (2014) by Hugh Howey

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