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Sand Part 1: The Belt Of The Buried Gods (2013)

Sand Part 1: The Belt of the Buried Gods (2013)

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About book Sand Part 1: The Belt Of The Buried Gods (2013)

I'm going through my third read through of Sand, taking notes as I finalize my fanfic story. Sand starts off with a great introduction to this world half buried in sand, a culture fighting to survive in the grit on top where the adventurous dive underneath for riches buried beyond reach--almost. No spoilers, but nice setup to our character Palmer, who goes with another early twenties guy, Hap, on a dive sponsored by some shady brigands from the north. This series of stories will delve deeper into the heart of Palmer's struggle, as a younger sibling out to prove his ability as a sand diver--how great would it be if he discovered the lost city of Danvar? Later on we will experience a very tough family situation that makes us sympathize with him and really amps up the emotional connection from what we get in this first part. Absolutely amazing! Hugh Howey never ceases to amaze. Although this is a separate book and in no relation to his best seller 'Wool' wool fans will still enjoy this new series. This is part 1 sneak peek to Howey's new Sand Omnibus. So glad that I also purchased part 2 so I can now start it straight away but scared to read it as I know I will be hooked and then have to wait until the whole book is finished. He did warn us lol

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As a scuba diver, I found the sand diving fascinating. A claustrophobic world of buried cities.

I liked it but it wasn't as good as the first wool story

Great start to the story!

Best of his work so far.

4.5 stars

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