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Half Way Home (2010)

Half Way Home (2010)

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0982611935 (ISBN13: 9780982611937)
Broad Reach Publishing

About book Half Way Home (2010)

I enjoyed this novel and would like to see more written in this world. I would like to see how the survivors grow and become more than "just their programming". It was a very interesting tale of dealing with a new situation at almost every turn. From learning about love and sexuality to how to eat and care for each other.It was a great read and I recommend this Howey book to anyone who likes a unique "new world" experience. I didn't realize until I finished, but Half Way Home was written by Hugh Howey for National Novel Writing Month. It shows--the novel is short, and fast paced. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, although I think it could have benefitted from a more involved and complex storyline (something I have become used to from Hugh Howey).A fast reader could easily blow through this novel on a nice Sunday morning. It's entertaining enough, but I see it more as evidence of the author polishing his writing skills--rough early work, but a required part of an author's evolution.

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Way too boring for way too long. Love Hugh Howey but not this book.

very disappointing, especially since wool was so good!

Loved it. I only wish it were longer.

Not my fave Howey book.

3.75 stars.

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