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First Shift: Legacy (2012)

First Shift: Legacy (2012)

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Broad Reach Publishing

About book First Shift: Legacy (2012) finally know how things all started. I can see how there is definitely more to this story than just the first book. I smell a conspiracy here. This one definitely had my heart racing at the end, I couldn't finish it fast enough, I had to know what was going to happen. The pace starts a little slow as we alternate between two points of view. First we have Donald, a newly elected Senator and Troy, someone woken out of a deep freeze in Silo 1. It takes a little while to get to know about the characters and what they are doing but then the story takes off like a rocket. Loving this world created by Hugh Howey. Ik had mijn twijfels over de opbouw van de boeken Wool en Shift. Shift vertelt het verhaal over het ontstaan van de silo's en is dus sec gezien de voorloper van Wool. Toch heeft de schrijver m.i. een juiste keuze gemaakt. Vragen die ontstaan/blijven liggen bij en na het lezen van Wool, worden nu beetje bij beetje beantwoord. Ook wordt duidelijk dat de levens van de mensen uit Wool gaan komen bij die van de mensen uit Shift. Op dus naar Second Shift.

Do You like book First Shift: Legacy (2012)?

A very good prequel, so many questions were answered in this book. Loving Wool Series

Another terrific journey full of characters fully realized and embraced.

Answered a bunch of questions that WOOL left open ended.

This series would be great as a movie.

Loved it

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