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Third Shift: Pact (2013)

Third Shift: Pact (2013)

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Got kinda hooked on the SILO concept series by Howey and plowed thru all of them, which includes WOOL, the three books of SHIFT and the final (so far) volume of DUST. What's that, about 1200 pages? I didn't do much but read for a couple of days. I admit, it was more like eating potato chips than sirloin steak but them was very tasty chips, and they were addictive. Oh, and did I mention I also read, in there somewhere, SAND, the 1st (and only so far) book in another series he seems to be starting.He's got a very comfortable writing style and I like his female protagonists. They're strong, smart, vulnerable, brave, afraid, etc etc. The writing gets a bit overwrought at times but he has cool post-apoc SF ideas. Obsessed with depth (not death). What's underground. More like 4.5. Very interesting book psychologically. We read Wool (the first part of the series) for book club and I led the discussion. In my research for book club, I found that on Howey's blog that he reference the Stanford Prison Experiment as a reason to why we clean. There are also references to the Milgram Experiment and other psychological tests seeing how far humans could be pushed to harm other humans just because an authority figure tells them to. It was also interesting that Howey referenced the horrors that happened in Nazi concentration camps as an example of how far people would go because of an authority figure. Howey's book is also relevant to more recent news with the psychological damage done to soldiers who would pilot drones during the war. All around, it was a book that made me think a lot. I can't wait to read the last book and see if Donald and Juliette are able to change the way human nature has been working and save the silos.

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Part of the Wool series. Answers a bunch of questions from the earlier books. I really enjoyed it.

This feels like a set up more than a book in it's own right.Y I am excited to read Dust, though.

Excellent, on to Dust


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