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Wool (2011)

Wool (2011)

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Halfway between 7/10 & 8/10Why didn't I read this before now? Fear of a dystopian without romance to soften it, that's why. Well, more fool me. Book one has me addicted. Short & somewhat scary, it may have lacked romance, but it definitely packed an emotional punch. I'd say more, but it would only ruin it for you. Trust me, take a chance... It's currently free at Amazon. Easy decision, then.Here's to diving in to the rest of Howey's masterpiece. Opening book of the Silo trilogy. I have started reading this thanks to my librarian who recommended it to me, in accordance with my previous taste in books and boy was he right. Post-apocalyptic world in which few thousand people live in underground world and have almost no knowledge of their past. Reader is drawn into the story from the beginning with questions of how did it happen? Why? Who did it?This first book is actually an omnibus of five short stories, but it doesn't lose on quality and storyline is more or less consistent, interesting and average reader will be able to read it in no-time. Especially if (s)he is into such genre. Well-written book, interesting, and although with some logical impossibilities in which I won't go as I don't want to spoil anything, well worth reading.

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Short, short story ;). Big build up andThen he dies. Interesting read.

Not as compelling as I expected.

Awesome sci-fi adventure!

Great start to the series

Enjoyed it.

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