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Wool 5 - The Stranded (2012)

Wool 5 - The Stranded (2012)

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I still really like the series, but I'm not entirely sure how I feel about this one. Good people made good decisions, bad people made bad decisions, and ignorant people made a whole lot of decisions out of fear. There wasn't much that was surprising or innovative at this point. Half the joy I got from reading the first few books was the wonder of these silos, and the horrible feeling of there is something very very wrong. When all the questions are answered, then the tension is lost. Bernard is still slimy, almost...too evil, and spending so much time with him and in the secret room in this book took away a lot of the interest for me. I still moved very quickly through the book--quickly through Lukas's pieces to get past them and quickly through everything else because I enjoyed them. I still really liked it, and I'm looking forward to reading Shift. This review is for Wool #1-5.Talk about anxiety inducing, this story is almost too possible. It's disturbing in a very different way than dystopian/post-apoc McCarthy's "The Road". In "The Road", I was sick to my stomach while reading how he chose to portray humanity - I couldn't even begin to relate to parts of it; in "Wool" - I was bothered because I realized that I understood the actions of the characters even if I felt they were wrong (morally/ethically).Other reviews mentioned that there wasn't good character development, but I felt like there was enough character development that I was upset when they died, frustrated when they were not avenged in a way I would want, nervous for them when I wasn't sure where the story was taking them... "Wool" hits close enough to home that you can almost fill in whatever blanks for the characters and round them out.The ending was also surprising to me, but no spoilers. Worth the read, I tore through it in a few days.

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Pretty Interesting. I'd be interested in checking out the other books from this world.

Really great series! I am looking forward to reading the next part.

Loved this series. Now I am reading the prequel, Shift.

Great series. I can't wait to start with the prequels.

An epic conclusion to an awesome series.

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