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Sand Omnibus (2014)

Sand Omnibus (2014)

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Great concept. Enjoyed the story line, took me a while to pick up on the clues, though. Would like to know the time frames after Wool.Thought we could have learned more about the characters and particularly the father. He certainly had another baby quickly, so what happened in the mine?The ending was encouraging for their future, but left a lot open. Also never really understood the sand diving, engineering or magic?Recommended. Being a huge fan of WOOL, I pounced on this novel and was not disappointed! Hugh Howey has a unique talent in that he can build an alien world so dystopian and so strange, and yet so understood as the story progresses. He tells you the story of his post-apocolyptic world at the same time the story of the characters unfolds, which makes every page rich and thrilling. There is a strong theme of youth finding adulthood through brave acts of survival, similar to WOOL. Cannot wait to read more from this author!

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3.5*Marred by some clunky dialogue but nicely paced. Looking forward to the sequel.

Another great book by Howey! Love his stories. Wish there was a Part 2

I read this book while stranded in my home due to heavy flooding.

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