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Los Desamparados (2013)

Los desamparados (2013)

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Spoilers below.It was a nice book although I expected a much more satisfying conclusion, I still have this claustrophobic feeling in my heart. The smell of oil and cogs still lives in my nose. I was waiting somehow, that they were going to find out things were good on the surface, that they somehow found a real green field with pretty trees or something, I know, it sounds silly in one line, but I'm sure Hugh would have been able to pull it off. But no, revolution is underground. Also the way Bernard died didn't satisfy my thirst for revenge. It would've been nice a last speech with Juliette, some final words, some big epic quote before he "shut the fuck up". But no. None of that. I think definitely the highest peak of this series is Wool #2. That book was nothing but perfection.An another thing, introducing new characters in the last book (kids at silo 17) is not actually appealing.I just re-read all that I just wrote and you might think I hated this book. That's not true, I liked it, it's just that I had high hopes for the ending and it didn't turn out to be the way I expected it.Greetings from Bogota, Colombia and thanks for this (nevertheless) awesome story. Gentle Reader, blame the author for my broken promise! I was going to read Wool 5 chapter by chapter but how could I? The rebels were suffering, I had to find out how they fared and Juliette had all kinds of problems! So I read the stories sequentially skipping chapter to chapter. i am week and frail!Then I read it again from beginning to end to stitch the story together and it was fun even the third time round.A great collection of stories and I've bought Wool 7 so I'm off again.

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Good "conclusion" to the Wool series. There will be more books. Good series

A fantastic conclusion to an excellent series. Bring on the sequels!!

Fantastic story, so many twists and turns extremely enjoyable!

I just wish there were more stars i could give this book!!!!

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