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A Hajótörött (2014)

A hajótörött (2014)

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Könyvmolyképző Kiadó Kft.

About book A Hajótörött (2014)

Ok so really I read the omnibus but since they are listed separately I'm going to review them separately too. Certainly in this case Wool 5 is a "book" not just an instalment anyway.Howey's world building closes the circle somewhat in #5. We learn more about the past, we see the uprising cycle repeat itself and then yet right in the deepest moment of bleak despair there is a little offering of hope. I could not put this one down.This is an excellent post-apocalyptic/dystopian series. An excellent conclusion(?) to an excellent series of books. There are others, and I intend to read them, but this book brought a close to the series in a good yet open-ended kind of way. The new info and world-building in this book just kept coming, all the while the story advanced at an awesome pace. A really unique (to me) thing I noticed in a few places was the author can really get you 'into the feel' of what's going on with his characters. Some of the descriptions of situations made me think, 'oh yeah, I know exactly how that feels, but I've never actually thought about it'. I did find Lukas to be a bit 'whiny' at times, but maybe that's just me. I love this author's ability to keep me guessing right up to the end about how the story will go. I guess I'm a sucker for a 'didn't see that one coming' twist in a story. All-in-all, I have to give this book and the whole series two giant silos up! Excellent Read!

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Amazing read! Loved this series, love Juliette! Can't wait to read more Howey.

What an awesome series. After a little break I'm jumping into 6-8

Way to wrap up a great for Wool #6 (prequel)

I enjoyed this series.

Loved it !!!

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