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What We Feel (2013)

What We Feel (2013)

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About book What We Feel (2013)

I loved reading the outstanding, amazing, heartbreaking, wonderfully written, romantic, contemporary story What We Feel by Inglath Cooper. This is the third book in the series and continues with Holden returning to Nashville after his girlfriend, Sarah, breaks up with him. CeCe, Thomas, and CeCe's boyfriend, Beck, are getting ready to go on tour as the opening act for Beck's dad, Case, the country singing star. Thomas invites Holden to join them in the band and CeCe and Beck agree. As Holden and CeCe's attraction and love for each other simmers, the story ends in an unbelievable cliffhanger.Read the highly recommended extraordinary, fantastically written story What We Feel by Inglath Cooper. Part 3 – 5 Sensational StarsPart Three picks up 19 months after Holden moves back to Atlanta to be with Sarah and CeCe and Thomas have had to move on in their music careers by singing as duo. CeCe and Thomas are offered a once in a lifetime chance to be an opening act on tour with Case Phillips. Holden is also offered an opportunity to have his song put on the airwaves by another country music star. But where will that leave Holden? In Atlanta with Sarah or will he venture back to Nashville? I’m not going to offer up anymore about the plot, but as always, Ms. Cooper creates another special story line and the characters are so incredible in this story. I think characterization is getting stronger in every novella. Oh Lord, I can’t wait til part 5, if that’s the case. This cliffhanger is AAHMAZING! I couldn’t wait to read part 4!

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Loving these characters. Can't get enough. The ending is a huge shock. Book four here I come.

What a great continuation! Oh and the shocking ending! Can't wait for the next one!!!

WOW!! Just....Wow!!

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