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Truths And Roses: A Love Story (2012)

Truths and Roses: A Love Story (2012)

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About book Truths And Roses: A Love Story (2012)

Small town boy makes it big and comes back home when he realizes he still wants that one girl who got away. Hannah, the town librarian, once and big dreams of an ivy league college and a career, but instead she became a recluse. They both had secrets that needed to come out and be addressed before they could move forward. This book falls on the sweet side of the romance scale with likable characters, a small town setting and bits of homespun wisdom thrown in. An enjoyable quick read, but it could have been a wee bit shorter. Every time it appeared Hannah and Will had worked things out their differences another road block appeared. At some point that became tiresome. Rated three on my five star romance scale. ***I won this book as part of a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway - this is my honest review***Okay...where to begin... this book is exactly what everyone else has said in their reviews. It's Cute. The story of Will Kincaid a Super bowl champion comes back to his small hometown and runs into his old high school crush Hannah Jacobs. The two build a friendship that sparks a flame that has burned since high school. Both of them have secrets that they both feel will threaten their "relationship" and basically, both are forced to come clean and work on improving themselves. This is a love story that spares the reader of any sex scenes, instead it's all spring, bubbles and butterflies... totally lighthearted. the overall story is once again - Cute. I can see this as some cheesy lifetime movie or something. character development was okay - I did not feel overly attached to anyone in the book, which kind of made me feel...indifferent about it. although the story touches on many important subjects - again its all very lighthearted and I didn't really feel an attachment to the storyline or the "dtama" that unfolded either. one thing that really got to me what the large amount of super short chapters. it's a little distracting and almost felt as if I was reading a soap opera. it really seemed to drag out the story a lot and I found myself getting a little anxious just to get to the end. I'm a little bummed to say this isn't one of my favorite books. I gave it 3 stars because it is a nice, clean, predictable story that anyone can read if they are looking for something cute and fluffy.

Do You like book Truths And Roses: A Love Story (2012)?

It was an easy read, but not memorable. Good for when you need to escape for a few hours.

Predictable and mushy with a "too good to be true" ending.

A beautiful story of true love. Really good easy read.

Cute story. Quick and enjoyable read.

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