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Ready To Reach (2013)

Ready to Reach (2013)

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Nashville – part one – Inglath Cooper5 golden starsCece has some pretty terrible luck thrown at her when we first meet her. Her granny's car breaks down on the side of the road, she barely gets herself, her guitar, and Hank Jr out of the car before it blows up on her. But her luck may be about to change, or is it? Good guys and songwriting/singing duo Thomas and Holden pull over to help her; they seem to have a thing for damsels in distress.Things still go awry from time to time with CeCe and the boys but everything start to pick up with doors opening that should have taken years to open. There's chemistry, kisses, a night at the dog pound, and regret in this first novella. I absolutely loved this first book in the series. Inglath Cooper's writing pulls you in so much so that you are there experiencing everything that is going on in the book. Wonderful writing, plot, and what a sweet, sweet, place to end this one and start the next one. I opened this one ready to roll my eyes. I’m no country music fan. Not at all. And when the first few paragraphs were all devoted to how the heroine prays, I was ready to check out. I’m glad I stuck through it.The writing is good, characters engaging and the pace zooms the reader through the novella. Though the story is told in the first person point of view from both CeCe and Holden, this first installment is all about CeCe trying to get back on her feet after everything she has goes up in flames, literally. I was a little disappointed that she goes for the initially jerky guy rather than the amazingly sweet one, but that’s how these things usually go. There are some kisses but no sex, and I was okay with that. Fortunately we get a little resolution, unlike the last serial. And the story ends on an upbeat note.Grab this one if you dig stories about chasing your dreams.

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I would have given this one a 4 star but the rest of the books are so good, they all get a 5.

Loved it couldnt wait to read book 2. They're short but a good read

Can't wait to read more from this series. Great read....

loved it !! :D so cute!

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