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Hammer And A Song (2013)

Hammer and a Song (2013)

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About book Hammer And A Song (2013)

I love and highly recommend the awesome, well-written, romantic, contemporary love story Hammer and a Song by Inglath Cooper.The story continues with Holden and CeCe's feelings for each other growing and waiting for the pound to open, then CeCe gets her dog back, and Holden purchases a dog for himself. When CeCe and Holden get back to the apartment, Thomas lets them know that Holden's girlfriend, Sarah, stopped by. Sarah sees the attraction between CeCe and Holden and feels hurt, and Holden tries to assure her nothing is going on. Holden is torn between his old feelings for Sarah and his new feelings toward CeCe. After a tornado barrels through town, Holden and CeCe rush their boss, Lauren, to the hospital. Lauren's boyfriend, a well known country singer, wants to develop a young group of four singers, and Holden, CeCe, Thomas, and Sarah audition. Read the fabulous, fantastic, highly recommended Hammer and a Song by Inglath Cooper. And here is where even more of the continuity goes to hell. There is no clear definition of time. The way these novellas read, a total of maybe 6 days has passed. But everything is supposed to be weeks, I'm assuming because she all of a sudden has a bed and cell phone... Where did those come from? And you cannot get a job without ID. Especially not waitressing at a swanky place where famous and wealthy people eat. And that place wouldn't all of a sudden have a stage with budding talent. You can't just change your high end restaurant to an open mic club in the middle of the story. And you can't ask someone to cover your shift the third day you work there, which PS, you said you had to work the night before but then you didn't. What was I saying? Oh yeah, you can't ask someone to cover for you then show up to hang out with your date. I would kick. Your. Ass. No lie! And no one would ever cover for you again, skank.So much ticked me off. Oh, dude says he made more than 200 in tips but when he adopts the $50 dog, she notices he only has one dollar left. Since you sat in the truck all effing night where did the money go? There was so much that was wrong in this novella. Not to mention the two main characters are cheating... Gag. I'm pretty sure this review doesn't make sense because I am livid that any editor would let these novellas publish. And the ending? No. I'm done.

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I really like the story and will read #3 but it is so short. Definitely leaves you hanging.

Can't wait to read the third part

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