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Pleasure In The Rain (2013)

Pleasure in the Rain (2013)

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About book Pleasure In The Rain (2013)

I loved reading the wonderful, heartbreaking, sorrowful, happy, romantic, contemporary love story, Pleasure in the Rain by Inglath Cooper, fourth book in the series.Pleasure in the Rain continues with the aftermath of the shooting that occurred after Case's concert. After being shot, Holden, CeCe, and Thomas struggle to get better, heal their relationships with each other, and sing together as a group even though a member of their band is missing. Read the highly recommended, well written, phenomenal, romantic, love story, Pleasure in the Rain by the remarkable writer Inglath Cooper. Holy Cliffhanger.. This book takes place right after the shooting. After the last concert a jealous fan shoots, Beck, Thomas, Holden and CeCe.***SPOILER** Beck does not make it. Holden is in coma for weeks. Thomas and CeCe fair the best physically of the four. CeCe is not taking Beck's death very well. Right before the last concert, he found her with Beck and it wasn't a pleasant parting for the two and she blames herself for the way it ended. She goes back to Nashville without Thomas and Holden for the funeral. The boys finally recover and come back to Nashville, hounded by the media. CeCe is very distant, from Thomas and more from Holden. He doesn't know how to get her back. Before the incident, he asked her to marry him. Can Holden break down the walls she built and get his old CeCe back. Can they recover from this ordeal. Can't wait for book five, Thomas needs his own book, what a great character he is.

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This book is part of series and so so awesome, great read! Highly recommend!

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Loved these books! Great story!

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