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Series: Nashville

by Author Inglath Cooper


Hammer and a Song (2013)

I love and highly recommend the awesome, well-written, romantic, contemporary love story Hammer and a Song by Inglath Cooper.The story continues with Holden and CeCe's feelings for each other growing and waiting for the pound to open, then CeCe gets her dog back, and Holden purchases a dog for hi...

Hammer and a Song (2013) by Inglath Cooper

Pleasure in the Rain (2013)

I loved reading the wonderful, heartbreaking, sorrowful, happy, romantic, contemporary love story, Pleasure in the Rain by Inglath Cooper, fourth book in the series.Pleasure in the Rain continues with the aftermath of the shooting that occurred after Case's concert. After being shot, Holden, CeC...

Pleasure in the Rain (2013) by Inglath Cooper

What We Feel (2013)

I loved reading the outstanding, amazing, heartbreaking, wonderfully written, romantic, contemporary story What We Feel by Inglath Cooper. This is the third book in the series and continues with Holden returning to Nashville after his girlfriend, Sarah, breaks up with him. CeCe, Thomas, and CeC...

What We Feel (2013) by Inglath Cooper

Ready to Reach (2013)

Nashville – part one – Inglath Cooper5 golden starsCece has some pretty terrible luck thrown at her when we first meet her. Her granny's car breaks down on the side of the road, she barely gets herself, her guitar, and Hank Jr out of the car before it blows up on her. But her luck may be about to...

Ready to Reach (2013) by Inglath Cooper

Nashville Heat (2009)

I really really really enjoyed this book! it hit like on every point I think a good book should have. We meet Sydney a girl who is trying to get her foot in the door musically by waitressing at big time celebrity parties and she meets the new and rising country star Dex Wilder. And he is one HOT,...

Nashville Heat (2009) by Bethany Michaels