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Crossing Tinker's Knob (2014)

Crossing Tinker's Knob (2014)

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About book Crossing Tinker's Knob (2014)

Tinker’s Knob by Inglath Cooper July 2014A deeply moving story of the ripple effect that hate and lies can have. Ms. Cooper writes with such simple, yet rich clarity that resonates often on more than one level, taking the story and the story within the story deeper and wider. It was easy to understand and root for the characters and their trials. I found the beginning a bit hard to follow due to the many characters, but then once I understood the style of each came to relax and enjoy the story much more. The ending, I felt was missing a scene. I didn't want to read about things in a letter--at least not about the two main characters. I wanted a scene for that. Other than that, I enjoyed the story so much and can't wait to read more of Ms. Cooper's stories. This book was fantastic! The setting was a small town in which two groups of people loved together. One group lived a very simple farming life with no modern luxuries and the other group lived a modern life with all the amenities. They both shared school life and shopping markets but that is about it. The simple folk dressed differently. There is ample discrimination to go around. That is where you find yourself with these characters. There is sacrifice, secrets, tragedy, choices and loyalty by all involved. Some suffer more than others. Choices made to protect family secrets and a second chance at true love. This book really makes you look at your own choices in life and make you wonder what you would do in their world. This one will keep me thinking for a long time. I would categorize this as a book hangover.

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An amazing novel about differences between people and love. Strongly recommend.

The story was well written. I just couldn't get into the story itself.

I love this Author!

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