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The Maze Runner (2009)

The Maze Runner (2009)

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0385737947 (ISBN13: 9780385737944)
Delacorte Press

About book The Maze Runner (2009)

This book is the perfect example of why I usually don't read YA fiction. Not only is it written for teenagers, it feels like it was written by a teenager. So many of the author's choices don't make sense. For instance, he wastes whole chapters on Thomas' disbelief that the walls of the maze move. Impossible! It cannot be! They're too big! I was suspending my disbelief and I was more interested in how it worked than listening to the character go on and on about how it can't possibly work. Even more than that, I wanted to get to the story, but nope. Instead we have chapters where Thomas tried to gain information about his new surroundings by asking the other boys what's going on, but they won't tell him anything. The boys are inexplicably hostile to Thomas, and I got the impression that the author was manufacturing false conflict and mystery by refusing to tell us what was going on. Then there's the purple prose. I had to deal with sentences like, "Boredom crept in like rats under the door," or "Thomas couldn't believe Alby's newfound courage," or "pain splintered his skull." And what is the source of the pain in that last one? Why, Thomas is thinking about something that confuses him. It seems that the mere act of thinking causes this boy physical pain. And yet, later on we're supposed to believe that he was chosen for the maze trials because he's one of the smartest kids in his generation.This book drags on and on in this manner. The midpoint, where the characters decide to take action rather than simply reacting to events of the story, comes when you're 84% through with it. It's a long, laborious slog through chapter after chapter of Thomas being confused and making other boys mad by existing in the Glade to get there. I don't think I would have kept reading if I hadn't already seen the movie, so I thought there must be a story worth seeing there. But the screenwriters changed the escape plan and made it better than what was written in the book, so I didn't really enjoy that either.So, this is one example of a movie that's better than the book. I don't think I'll bother with the other books in the series. I'll just wait for the movies to come out. Ho iniziato questo......libro con poche aspettative. Un romanzo come Divergent o Hunger Games, bello, ma non certo innovativo. E invece devo ammettere che, per un libro di un genere molto in voga in questi ultimi anni, The Maze Runner si è rivelato decisamente nuovo e fresco. Un libro a tratti infantile, ma che mi ha catturata e che, con lo scorrere delle pagine, è andato decisamente migliorando. Leggerò sicuramente il seguito e guarderò il film. Infine dico che questo libro non è un capolavoro, ma è divertente, scritto bene, piacevole e intrigante, assolutamente consigliato!

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Prologue writer seems self absorbed and unprofessional. Please give us a a reason to care about your negative beliefs. This was a disusting piece of literature.
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Started interesting. Steampunk, teen distopian furturistic became old ar the end.

What an immagination! Average in all respects.

Good storyling, bad writing.

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