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La Cura Mortal (2011)

La cura mortal (2011)

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About book La Cura Mortal (2011)

I thought this book was amazing even though newt and Teresa died which sucked. But I cared more that newt died more than I care if Teresa died sorry!But anyway I think my obsession with minho is way too much. I told my friend how sassy he is and then I said he was "the sass queen"friend: "queen? You mean the king?"HES THE QUEEN ALRIGHT.HE JUST IS! Yeah I have a big obsession....I don't care if this book ending was a downer I loved the book so much and I Iove the maze runner and James Dashner so much that I decided to read another book by James Dashner so I bought 'the eye of the minds' and the second book 'the rule of the thoughts' so I'm really excited to read thoseI have also heard that james Dashner is writing another book for the maze runner called 'the fever code' Please tell me that's true! I will buy it as soon as it's published MY HEART HAS BEEN RIPPED UP AND TORN TO PEICES as i read this i noticed HE KILLED OFF THE PEOPLE THAT DESERVE TO LIVE THE MOST like newt he was sweet and wise and THE MOTHER SHUCKING GLUE FOR HEAVENS SAKE but no he has to go crazy and get his brains blasted out by of his best friends WAY TO GO! and then Theresa she didn't need to die i mean she did some bad things BUT ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME !!! He was a butt wad to her and she was trying to apologize and then he finally forgives her FIVE SECONDS BEFORE SHE SHUCKING DIES I think it would have been better if when Theresa stopped the telepathic connection that Thomas slipped into unconsciousness and dreamt it all and of coarse he wakes up and either gets saved or saves himself and they still do the third trial and they have these really cheesy friendship moments and they get to the new place and newt takes over and they find jobs for every one and Thomas marries Theresa and they have a boy named chuck and one night they are sitting around the fire and listening to Thomas tell them about his dream and newt is all like "that's stupid i would never do that" and Theresa says "I'm sorry i bet that was awful" and baby chuck giggles making the rest laugh and it ends with them talking smiling and laughing ......... OR IS THAT TOO HAPPY FOR AUTHORS NOW DAYS ?????

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was it supposed...hmm..a cliffhanger?but, wait....this book is a final of trilogy, right?

Why does James Dashner have to kill me favorite character!! NEWT!!!!

A satisfying conclusion to the Maze Runner trilogy.

You lost me at book Two.

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