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Las Pruebas (2010)

Las pruebas (2010)

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8493920002 (ISBN13: 9788493920005)
Nocturna Ediciones

About book Las Pruebas (2010)

I don't know where to begin so I guess I will start at the ending: everybody dies! This book, and every book in the series finished with varying degrees of irresolution. The plot is fast paced and kept pulling me on to the next chapter and the next book, however, I was constantly frustrated with the characters' illogical thoughts and decisions. Adding to my frustration was the childish "slang" the characters all use. It makes the book seem like it was written for kids, however, that is in contrast to the constant death, violence, and destruction. I finished the series unsure if I had been reading kids books or young adult fiction. The books do make for riveting reading, just don't expect to find a fully logical or completely polished story. I actually liked this book more than the first one. I read the first one exactly a year ago to this day and I remember wanting answers to the questions that arose in my head. Now, in this book, I like answers being answered and I liked the action and the new characters that came up. I remember enjoying this more than the first book and I was on the edge of my seat and couldn't stop reading- it was difficult. Can't wait for "The Death Cure"!

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