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The 13th Reality, Book 2: The Hunt For Dark Infinity (2009)

The 13th Reality, book 2: The Hunt for Dark Infinity (2009)

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Shadow Mountain

About book The 13th Reality, Book 2: The Hunt For Dark Infinity (2009)

Awesome !This would be a perfect book to read. The dialogue is funny, the names are even funnier and the story is just complex enough and has you guessing the direction it’s going to go to have you turning the pages for more. The whole thing ends on a twist that makes me want to read book three right now! I can’t wait to see where this story is going to go.I can't wait to see the next book -The Blade of Shattered Hope come out and I'm sure that it will be just as good :)5 Stars for the author "James Dashner" ! ;p Psh, forget the Maze Runner series with the seriously messed up government and freaky, insane people, go to the other series of the Dashner Dude. The sci-fi, quantum physics and dimensions, DROP DEAD HILARIOUS series, The 13th Reality. Seriously, James has outdone himself on these books. He's taken quantum physics (which the name alone makes me cringe and think of fussy science teachers), and mixed in a couple things to make a FANTASTIC read.Ingredients:-Adventurous and spunky teenagers that totally beat the typical sullen, or lovesick whiny teens that pop up way TOO frequently in literature for the not-yet-adult generation. And among these teens (or shall we call them...Realitants?)are: Atticus Higginbottom aka Tick, incredibly smart, talented, and a good kid. Sophia, Italian, filthy rich, feisty and tough, slightly intimidating, and totally epic. Paul, thinks he's "Mr.Amazing", and is pretty darn funny. Seriously, this is one of the best trios since Potter-Weasley-Granger.-Eccentric, unique, and original supporting characters. Mothball and Rutger. An absurdly tall and skinny lady with an amusing accent vs an insanely short, rotund, shaped like a bowling ball man who also happens to be very science-y smart. And they're best friends. I love them-A character who undergoes a major change, and seeks a chance at redemption (ooooh deep). Mistress Jane. Or the Banana Lady. Either way, she really grows on you, event though her sudden 180 of kindness may be slightly disturbing at first...-An evil villain whom you can't help but hate, and want to kick in his stupid snotty head and then blast him out of the universe! Uh....I have strong feelings of resentment toward Reginald...-An adventure that entails of gigantic glass cylinders, transporting between dimensions, many many weird robot things, riddles galore, and a hunt/quest for the Dark Infinity-Buckets and buckets of humorous and memorable lines " guys are FAT!"...I Lol'ed.-A set of parents that are loving, and actually participate in their kids' lives! Finally! Mix it all together, and you've...or correction: James Dashner has created a wonderful book.

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Very, very good, can't wait to get to the next one.

Will await review until the end.


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