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Maze Runner - Expedientes Secretos (2014)

Maze Runner - Expedientes secretos (2014)

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About book Maze Runner - Expedientes Secretos (2014)

Mmm... la verdad que tenía grandes expectativas con respecto a este nuevo libro o anexo de la saga. Creí que al ser "expedientes secretos" se iban a revelar todas las dudas y cuestiones que se mantuvieron en secreto y jamás se revelaron en toda la saga. Recuerdos de Thomas, su relación con Teresa, cómo se hacían los planos para encontrar la cura de La Llamarada, cómo y por qué eran útiles las pruebas que les eran realizadas a los chicos, qué sucedía en el interior de CRUEL, qué conflictos tuvieron, etc y muchas otras cosas más. Si bien, obviamente menciona memorias de Thomas, Sartén y Minho, siento que no eran lo suficientemente relevantes y no me aportaban demasiado de lo que yo ya sabía de la historia con tal solo habiendo leído la saga original. Sinceramente este libro me decepcionó, podría haber sido más largo y más completo pero no, se queda corto y aporta muy poco a la historia. No veo el por qué tenga que ser de lectura obligatoria, ya que los libros se pueden entender bastante bien solos y sin necesidad de este anexo. This Novel, by James Dashner, is a creative story about a group, of boys and one girl, surrounded by a maze filled with strange events and creatures. The Maze Runner is centered around one main character: Thomas. Who, with his new friends, tries to find the end of this puzzling maze. Thomas is the second to last person to be inserted into the maze with all the other guys. He wakes up in a pitch-black box with no memory of his past except for his name. The guys welcome him quickly and it isn’t an unusual thing for them because they have received a new kid every month for the past two years or so. The day after Thomas arrives, everything changes. Another person shows up in this box and ends the cycle of “one a month”. This new person is their first ever girl. All the boys are confused, but a note left with the girl tells them it’s going to get a lot different and that they better figure out this maze soon. Anyone who loves action, suspense, and thriller-filled books should read The Maze Runner. I loved all the different characters, the way they interact with and to each other, just because they are all so different from how we act today, but also slightly similar. I didn’t dislike much about this book, but it is in third person and took me a while to adjust to. Overall, this book holds a reader’s interest, doesn’t take to long to get through, and is a great read for almost all people.

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I was expecting something more, though it does clear one or two things but not as many as I'd like.

Amo a mis larchos mierteros!

A short book but enough said

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