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The 13th Reality, Book 4: The Void Of Mist And Thunder (2012)

The 13th Reality, Book 4: The Void of Mist and Thunder (2012)

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Shadow Mountain

About book The 13th Reality, Book 4: The Void Of Mist And Thunder (2012)

Wow. That's all I can say. This book did not disappoint. It neatly wrapped up many of the unanswered questions and confusion that had plagued me in book 3. The rich imagination of James Dashner, clearly came out in this book, as absolutely nothing was predictable. This kept me on the edge of my chair the entire time, wondering how were they ever going to overcome these impossible odds. An ultimate sacrifice is made, but not to worry the good guys win in the end, although unexpected. Totally appropriate for kids. If they can make it past the 3rd book in the series, than this final book is definitely worth the effort. What is a finally if not for its origin? What is a beginning if not for it's ending?If there is a disappointing beginning it is redeemed by an exciting well played ending (people like improvement).But if a story has an exciting beginning what does that beginning mean if there is a poor played ending?I loved the first book!The second book was REALLY good! I loved it too!The third book was a bit unsophisticated, de-moralized, and unfulfilling... but! I was willing to hope for the last book to being redemption.This was the last book. And it did not deliver. In the second book the author reveals an exciting side of our villain, and you want to learn more about her, but it is cut short.The next book had no reveille, but it ended with the hero and the beloved villain stuck together in a place were they can do some serious hear to heart,....but.....they.........don't..................The whole four and final book felt like there was no surprise, no reveal, and no satisfaction.It was an end.

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The last book of the series, finally. The story is nicely wrapped up with Tic leading the way!

not 100% sure how i feel about the ending. i'm still processing.

Not as good as the others, but still a great read.

this one was completely nuts

Awesome! Sad!

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