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Prueba De Fuego (2010)

Prueba de fuego (2010)

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About book Prueba De Fuego (2010)

The Scorch Trials, written by James Dashner, is the second book of the series The Mazerunner. This book is exciting and full of details that paint an extremely vivid picture for the reader. I myself especially liked the author's imagination and ability to think of excellent similes and metaphors to describe a situation.There is one thing about the book and the entire series that I didn't enjoy so much, and that thing is: there was a lot of violence and way-too-graphic scenes that involve violence and people getting shot and punched in the face. But other than that, I would say that this book is a great example of a thriller. Read this after watching the Maze Runner film adaptation to see where the story would go. While initially optimistic about the story, the book failed to develop the characters to the point where I actually felt any empathy for them and the plot seemed to be a stale rehash of common themes in contemporary YA fiction. These issues aside, it was exciting enough for me to finish in a single sitting, which certainly counts for something.

Do You like book Prueba De Fuego (2010)?

Not quite as good as the first book. Still enjoyed it, but my interest in the series was wavering.

A great book and even though it took my a while to get completely hooked once I was I loved it.

Not as good as the first one/slightly confusing in some parts. But still good.

Morbid. Reminds me of one of the Stephen King Dark Tower Series books.

So far...better than the first

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