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James Patterson

James Patterson
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The Christmas Wedding (2011)

I knew this would be a book without a lot of depth, but hey it's Christmas and a little fluff reading was what I was wanting. It wasn't even worthy of a good fluff rating. What did I expect when it's about a woman with grown children who decides to get remarried on Christmas Day?-----only she's n...

The Christmas Wedding (2011) by James Patterson

I, Michael Bennett (2012)

Ok. Disappointed with the end, but I have the next book so no wait for me. I find it hard To believe that he would keep the kids at the lake house even after he knew they had been targeted. To top it off, the whole MC leaving. She needs to get over it. She is the nanny. His wife didn't die al...

I, Michael Bennett (2012) by James Patterson

Private Berlin (2013)

This takes place in Berlin, Germany after the wall has come down. All the evil of the past have not come to light. In this story, the evil is a man who loves to kill people and watch them die. He has done this almost all of his life. Only a few children from before the wall came down, know wh...

Private Berlin (2013) by James Patterson

Maximum Ride Five-Book Set (2009)

I'm a science fiction fan and it has been a year ago since I first ran across this series in the library. I was surprised that I had not heard much about it in the hallways because usually when great books come out you usually hear everyone talking about it which is usually how I decide to read ...

Maximum Ride Five-Book Set (2009) by James Patterson

NYPD Red 2 (2014)

The NYPD Red unit is back for another high-thrills adventure, filled with both action and personal character growth. The 'Red' unit is pulled into capturing a serial murderer, labelled the HAZMAT KILLER when a high-profile political operative is found slain early one morning. With only a week lef...

NYPD Red 2 (2014) by James Patterson

NYPD Red: À Margem da Lei (2014)

I like James Patterson, but was not a fan of this book. I like mysteries and being able to try to figure out who the culprit is. In this book you know almost from the beginning who the bad guys are. James Patterson has been one of my favorite writers but I have to admit that his recent novels c...

NYPD Red: À Margem da Lei (2014) by James Patterson

I Funny: A Middle School Story (2012)

I loved this book, and I'm rooting for Jamie Grimm to win regionals in book two! Jamie isn't your normal protagonist. For one thing, he can deliver a punch line like someone many years his senior. For another, his comedic abilities are catapulting him into the limelight of comedy stardom, and he'...

I Funny: A Middle School Story (2012) by James Patterson

Um Casamento No Natal (2011)

Cute story. Occasional crude language but not throughout. A widow with four grown children decides to get married on Christmas day and requests that all of her children come to the wedding and to spend Christmas together. The unusual thing...she won't tell them whom she is marrying. She tells...

Um Casamento No Natal (2011) by James Patterson

Hope to Die (2014)

"It was ok" sums up my feelings towards this book fairly well. I borrowed it from a friend who bought in the airport on our way to New Zealand and couldn't fit it in his bag on the trip home. Spoilers follow.First of all I didn't love the narraters voice, it didn't seem to change despite the pers...

Hope to Die (2014) by James Patterson

Battle for Shadowland (2010)

Nice little side-episode to the adventures of Whit and Wisty as they fight the One Who Is The One. It bears to mention that you have to be at least familiar with what happens in the first book to fully understand all that happens and is mentioned. There are a couple of panels that try to give som...

Battle for Shadowland (2010) by James Patterson

Second Honeymoon (2013)

A great book. A page turner! Exciting? Yes. Poorly written with a casual conversational tone and filled with cliches? Yes.

Second Honeymoon (2013) by James Patterson

Alex Cross, Run (2013)

Most books do not hold my attention. This is not the case with most of James Patterson's books. "Alex Cross, Run" is certainly no exception. I loved how there were 3 different lives that all got brilliantly intertwined in one big murder mystery. One of my favorite parts was reading from the view ...

Alex Cross, Run (2013) by James Patterson

Daniel X: Alien Hunter (2008)

This 127 page comic by James Patterson tells the story of how one boy, Daniel X who has the superpower of creating anything on his mind, must continue his fathers job of exterminating all evil aliens. In this book, Daniel X is on the mission of destroying alien number 7, which means he is getting...

Daniel X: Alien Hunter (2008) by James Patterson

James Patterson's Witch and Wizard: Battle for Shadowland (2011)

This book i would recommend for anyone who has read fang. Just like fang, they have this thing with finding out there true way of life. And for some reason both fang and this book have like something to do with there parents. This book is long but so was fang, writen by the same auther ( james pa...

James Patterson's Witch and Wizard: Battle for Shadowland (2011) by James Patterson

Private India (2014)

Can I give this book a zero star rating??? I just finished JP's Hope to Die and thought that maybe things were turning around for his books. They have been getting worse and much that I was on the brink of moving on to other (better?) authors like so many of my friends have. But when ...

Private India (2014) by James Patterson

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross (2012)

I was shocked with the position Alex was put in, and I really felt bad for him for once. Most of what he encounters is by his own choice because he just can't seem to say no. This time he could not say no and I really felt bad for the position he was in.It is strange that I started reading the ...

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross (2012) by James Patterson

I Even Funnier (2013)

"I even funnier" was a good book and it was full of laughs and amusement. I recommend this book for people who need a laugh. This book had nothing really wrong with it and it had things that were relatable in life. I liked the part when Jamie Grimm was on stage performing his jokes and the part w...

I Even Funnier (2013) by James Patterson

Treasure Hunters (2013)

I give it three and a half stars. (Why doesn't goodreads let us give half stars?)A work of epic refined literature this ain't, but it was a zany and fun read all the same.Sure I could have done without a few of those kinda crude "Middle School" jokes, and they sorta stereotyped a few of the main ...

Treasure Hunters (2013) by James Patterson

Maximum Ride Boxed Set #1 (2010)

Started today September 26th, 2012. The basic concept of the story reminds me of the "Virals"-Series by Kathy Reichs, which I like a lot. So I will probably breeze through this one. As an added bonus the series is finished, so I know how many books I have left to buy.So just finished it yesterday...

Maximum Ride Boxed Set #1 (2010) by James Patterson

Kill Alex Cross (2011)

A good thriller. First "Alex Cross" book I've read. This was an easy read once you got into it. However I am getting a bit bored of the Alex cross books

Kill Alex Cross (2011) by James Patterson

MedHead: My Knock-down, Drag-out, Drugged-up Battle with My Brain (2010)

Very few people can relate to Cory's roller coaster ride that is his life. Everyone, though, can understand the pain and emotion that his dad and James Patterson translate on to each page for him. Having had a parent who constantly battled with regulating medications and finding a way to fight da...

MedHead: My Knock-down, Drag-out, Drugged-up Battle with My Brain (2010) by James Patterson

Med Head: My Knock-down, Drag-out, Drugged-up Battle with My Brain (2010)

Honestly, this is my favorite book to date that I've read! I found it easy to identify with the main character. It was also a book that causes a range of different emotions, from happy or proud to sad and scared. To know that the book is based off a true story written by the father makes it even...

Med Head: My Knock-down, Drag-out, Drugged-up Battle with My Brain (2010) by James Patterson

Maximum Ride, Vol. 5 (2011)

I didn't read book four (so missed out on the ITEX plot) but will read all the novels. I feel sorry for the other Max as she isn't treated as a person since she'll never live up to Max. Fang's haircut is hot, just saying. It's smart for Fang to blog what's happening to them. I'm surprised peo...

Maximum Ride, Vol. 5 (2011) by James Patterson

12th of Never [Excerpt: First 17 Chapters] (2013)

Patterson is a fun summer beach read. But good grief this required more suspension of disbelief than most. The DA served a search warrant and searched a house. Lindsay went back to work early while she thought her new baby was dying? The bad guy plants his lover in the police department, and s...

12th of Never [Excerpt: First 17 Chapters] (2013) by James Patterson

Middle School, The Worst Years of My Life - Free Preview: The First 20 Chapters (2000)

1. Written by James Patterson, level unknown2.12/9,10 80min3. Game over, buck up, detention, worse,argue,Tutoring, trouble4. I wrote a quick note on an old tardy slip and passed it. It's says "BUCK UP". She actually smiled when she read it.I like what Rafe did at this part. They were caught by te...

Middle School, The Worst Years of My Life - Free Preview: The First 20 Chapters (2000) by James Patterson

Private: #1 Suspect (2012)

Overall, I did enjoy the storyline. The cases were interesting to me and they kept me reading. That is the part I was not disappointed in. The book had a good pace, and it kept me interested the whole way through. I was disappointed in the lack of character development. We don’t really learn anyt...

Private:  #1 Suspect (2012) by James Patterson

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross -- Free Preview -- The First 18 Chapters (2012)

Alex finds himself trouble stacked on top of more trouble while his family copes with an Alex free anxiety laced Christmas. I really enjoyed this back to back adventure first, a once prominent lawyer takes his entire family hostage on Christmas day then we revisit an old terorist friend from book...

Merry Christmas, Alex Cross -- Free Preview -- The First 18 Chapters (2012) by James Patterson

Homeroom Diaries (2014)

The book I've read is called "Homeroom Diaries" by James Patterson. It's about a girl (Cuckoo) who kinda has mental problems and she and her "loser' friends stick together against all the haters at school. All of this is on Cuckoo's diary. What I like about this story is that the theme of this st...

Homeroom Diaries (2014) by James Patterson

Save Rafe! (2014)

Middle School Save RafeBy James Patterson Review by Lili MessinaMiddle School Save Rafe is a book about a boy named Rafe who gets expelled from his school and then his new school gets closed. Rafe has to get back into Hills Village Middle School which is a public school but they will not accept ...

Save Rafe! (2014) by James Patterson

Maximum Ride Forever (2000)

Honestly when I heard about this book I got a little upset. Don't get me wrong, I'm a die hard Maximum Ride fan, I just feel like I'm growing out of it and its been a while since Nevermore came out. I was seven when The Angel Experiment came out and I remember my grandmother buying it for me (she...

Maximum Ride Forever (2000) by James Patterson

Cradle and All (2001)

Parto verginaleNiente appassiona di più dell'eterna lotta tra il Bene e il Male, soprattutto quando di mezzo ci sono il Vaticano e i preti. Ne era ben consapevole anche James Patterson, quando, nel lontano 1980, decise di scrivere un thriller per dare la sua interpretazione al tema della Natività...

Cradle and All (2001) by James Patterson

Beach Road (2006)

After finishing this novel by James Patterson, I am very excited to read another one of his books because I was very pleased with this one. What started with multiple cold blooded execution like murders on the beach in the Hamptons one summer, leads into months and months of evaluation and a very...

Beach Road (2006) by James Patterson

The Big Bad Wolf (2004)

"The Big Bad Wolf ... Not so Big, Not So Bad!!!"James Patterson is such a well known, prolific writer and sought after international author, that his numerous books have been read and reviewed a myriad of times, by people all around the globe.I generally try to read a fair percentage of other rev...

The Big Bad Wolf (2004) by James Patterson

The Beach House (2003)

Thursday, June 25, 2009Book Review - The Beach House by James Patterson & Peter De JongeThe Beach HouseI'm going to get right into it, without any skirting around - if you've never read a James Patterson novel, here's a great place to start. I've only read one other book by him, but The Beach Hou...

The Beach House (2003) by James Patterson

Step on a Crack (2007)

First came ALEX CROSS.Then the WOMEN'S MURDER CLUB.Now meet Detective Michael Bennett, NYPD - and his ten children...Step on a Crack is Patterson at his simplest: A straight-forward, fast-paced thriller.It doesn't spend its time going too in-depth; what you see is what you get; and that works. I'...

Step on a Crack (2007) by James Patterson

Judge & Jury (2006)

She glanced at Rosella, a little sympathetic now. These people were in for one scary ride... James Patterson and Andrew Gross - plus all of Mr Patterson's other co-authors - are my go to guys when I just want to read. And what I mean by that is I just want to sit and fly through a hooking book...

Judge & Jury (2006) by James Patterson

The 6th Target (2007)

Three separate cases crop up in San Francisco to keep the Women's Murder Club quite busy. The first starts off on a beautiful day. A number of commuters and tourists are enjoying a nice ferry ride on the Bay. Shortly before reaching the dock, one of the riders notices a young mother who is scoldi...

The 6th Target (2007) by James Patterson

The Quickie (2007)

synopsis:Lauren Stillwell, a homicide detective from New York, is happily married to a handsome finance advisor, Paul. One day she decides to surprise her husband, visiting him at work during lunchtime. She sees Paul going out with an unknown, tall, slim blonde. They enter a posh St Regis hotel a...

The Quickie (2007) by James Patterson

You've Been Warned (2007)

"COME HERE, MATE ... "You and your stupid fucking airport novels. Fucking lame titles. Can't even write a book without collaborating with someone else. "James Patterson featuring some douchebag you've even never heard of before". Mate, I could find more passion in a fucking Big Mac!!!And the ...

You've Been Warned (2007) by James Patterson

School's Out—Forever (2006)

Book title: Maximum Ride- School out ForeverAuthor: James PattersonPage: 416Wow, i start running with Max and the children again. I cannot wait anymore. Curiosity and excitement are my feeling right now. I have to read it immediately. Sorry, i will tell you next week...^^*************************...

School's Out—Forever (2006) by James Patterson

Jack & Jill (2003)

Third in the Alex Cross thriller series and revolving around Dr./Deputy Chief Alex Cross.My TakeYeah, Jack & Jill is one of the few stories I did not finish. I like his characters — that Alex is an intriguing man, and I adore his kids and Nana Mama. Sampson sounds pretty good too, hubba hubba.BUT...

Jack & Jill (2003) by James Patterson

The Midnight Club (1999)

This is another of James Patterson's older titles. I am digging through the old ones since everyone says they are better than the new ones that have been coming out. Generally I like them.The main character for this one is a cop named John Stefanovich. He is a different kind of hero since he is c...

The Midnight Club (1999) by James Patterson

Cat and Mouse (2007)

Originally seen on my book blog!Alex Cross’s (and mine) worst nightmare is back. Gary Soneji is back with a vengeance and will stop at nothing to get back at Alex Cross for “ruining his life.” Can he be stopped this time? While Alex is trying to stop Gary a second time, there is another killer on...

Cat and Mouse (2007) by James Patterson

Pop Goes the Weasel (2000)

Originally on my book blog!Can I just flail instead of write a review? This was a masterpiece and you should believe me because I don’t use that word often. Everything was fabulous in this book. The characters (that’s nothing new), the plot (also nothing new), the plot twists (go figure), and the...

Pop Goes the Weasel (2000) by James Patterson

Roses are Red (2001)

tJames Patterson has always been a favorite author of mine, and I had my bar set high when I first opened the front cover of Roses are Red. In fact, the first part of the first sentence had me hooked; “Brianne Parker didn’t look like a bank robber or a murderer --” (3). Who wouldn’t want to read ...

Roses are Red (2001) by James Patterson

Along Came a Spider (2003)

First in the Alex Cross thriller series and revolving around Alex, a Washington D.C. detective with a background in psychology.My TakeThis is one of the few stories in which the movie adaptation is better. It wasn't until almost the end that Along Came a Spider started to more closely resemble th...

Along Came a Spider (2003) by James Patterson

Black Friday (2000)

Black Friday is one of James Patterson's earlier works. NYC is under siege by a secret militia group calling itself Green Band. The stock market is thrown into chaos when Green Band blows up several Wall Street institutions, essentially creating an economic world war. The entire first half of t...

Black Friday (2000) by James Patterson

Honeymoon (2007)

The story revolves around Nora Sinclair and her life. She is madly in love with Connor, a business tycoon who proposes to the lady with a lovely diamond ring. Nora is a busy interior decorator and she shuffles across the county in order to fulfill her commitments. But there’s a twist in the stor...

Honeymoon (2007) by James Patterson

Kiss the Girls (2000)

Second in the Alex Cross thriller series and revolving around a black psychologist-detective in Washington D.C.My TakeI'm all the way up to page 7, and all I can think of is GROSS. How do people think like this! It's disgusting. And they seriously think this is okay???!He wants to feel real roman...

Kiss the Girls (2000) by James Patterson

The Thomas Berryman Number (1996)

2.5/5 StarsThe gripping story of a ruthless assassin,the woman he loves,and the beloved leader he is hired to kill...Conflicted and surprised, the two foremost emotions I feel right now...2.5/5 Stars is, I think, the lowest I've ever rated a book, especially one by James Patterson. But, this is n...

The Thomas Berryman Number (1996) by James Patterson

Four Blind Mice (2003)

Reading a James Patterson novel is akin to eating soggy cereal -- eatable but not necessarily the first choice for breakfast. With that being said, I gave this one four stars. Call me a hypocrite, if you like. But the rating is not so much on Patterson's skills as a writer (which he has few, i...

Four Blind Mice (2003) by James Patterson

London Bridges (2005)

The appeal of James Patterson's work cuts wide and deep. He is not a stylist; one could harp on his occasionally choppy transitions, his sketchy descriptions, or his sometimes-irritating jump from first person to third. But what cannot be denied is that the man is a storyteller, which is what a w...

London Bridges (2005) by James Patterson

The Angel Experiment (2006)

I want you, the reader, to take a moment and scroll down to the lists this novel has been shelved in. “Best Young Adult Books,” “Best Books Ever,” “What To Read After Harry Potter,” “Best Female Lead Characters,” and “Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Books”. If you haven’t guessed by the titles, th...

The Angel Experiment (2006) by James Patterson

Hide and Seek (1997)

Within a few pages I could clearly see why James Patterson has sold a ridiculous amount of books. His style of storytelling is very simple (absolutely nothing wrong with that), and the action moves fluidly. Hide and Seek is only the second book written by James Patterson that I’ve read but I can ...

Hide and Seek (1997) by James Patterson

The 5th Horseman (2006)

The Angel of Death hovers above the Municipal Hospital in San Francisco. Twenty mysterious and poorly explained deaths of sometimes young and often otherwise healthy people have occurred and it is time for answers. Maureen O’Mara, a successful young and attractive lawyer is bringing a class actio...

The 5th Horseman (2006) by James Patterson

See How They Run (1997)

Not my cup of tea that's fer sure! I guess i am not a fan of Patterson's first books although i am now reading book #2 in his bibliography "Season Of The Machete". Being a WW2 and historic events enthusiast i was only too pleased to see a swastica on my cover (I ordered this book from

See How They Run (1997) by James Patterson

Miracle on the 17th Green: A Novel about Life, Love, Family, Miracles ... and Golf (1999)

Miracle on the 17th GreenPart 1 SummaryIn the beginning of the Miracle on the 17th Green, you find out who the main character is. Travis McKinley opens the story while playing a round of golf, clearly in the zone. Round after round, he plays all 18 holes on the golf course and goes back to play...

Miracle on the 17th Green: A Novel about Life, Love, Family, Miracles ... and Golf (1999) by James Patterson

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (2007)

There was a metaphorical hole in my heart. A spiritual void and yearning for oblivion. My hands didn't want to turn the pages of the many books I own. Too lazy. What's the point? I'll still be me. Nothing on tv. All of these channels and NOTHING on. It's probably broken. There's no way that the ...

Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports (2007) by James Patterson

The Lake House (2005)

I've heard Patterson's name every once in a while over the years but never got around to reading one of his books. Last week my husband and I went by a thrift store to drop off some yarn and I checked out their books. Saw this book, thought it sounded interesting, and thought, "Why not?"(Edit: ...

The Lake House (2005) by James Patterson

Mary, Mary (2006)

A few flaws, but most will enjoy Patterson's latest Dr. Alex Cross thriller!We're a longtime Patterson reader and definitely prefer his solo-authored series featuring Alex Cross, now a top FBI specialist, to most of his collaborations with other writers in which presumably our famous author doesn...

Mary, Mary (2006) by James Patterson

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